Inaugural Highlights

A few highlights from President (again!) George W Bush’s speech:

At this second gathering, our duties are defined not by the words I use, but by the history we have seen together. For a half century, America defended our own freedom by standing watch on distant borders. After the shipwreck of communism came years of relative quiet, years of repose, years of sabbatical – and then there came a day of fire.

Just for all those who want to whine about W’s speaking, which most of us agree isn’t the greatest. But, it connects with people. And, he reminds us that deeds are more important then the words.

We are led, by events and common sense, to one conclusion: The survival of liberty in our land increasingly depends on the success of liberty in other lands. The best hope for peace in our world is the expansion of freedom in all the world.

Freedom is always the best way. Nuff said. Don’t make me keelhaul ye.

All who live in tyranny and hopelessness can know: the United States will not ignore your oppression, or excuse your oppressors. When you stand for your liberty, we will stand with you.

Iran and North Korea should take notice. So should France.

And all the allies of the United States can know: we honor your friendship, we rely on your counsel, and we depend on your help. Division among free nations is a primary goal of freedom’s enemies. The concerted effort of free nations to promote democracy is a prelude to our enemies’ defeat.

Nice potshot at France, Germany, and any other country that feels that it is more important to denigrate America, rather then stand up for Freedom for those countries that do not have it.

When the Declaration of Independence was first read in public and the Liberty Bell was sounded in celebration, a witness said, "It rang as if it meant something." In our time it means something still. America, in this young century, proclaims liberty throughout all the world, and to all the inhabitants thereof. Renewed in our strength – tested, but not weary – we are ready for the greatest achievements in the history of freedom.

Let our deeds lead the way.

BTW, from what I heard from local Raleigh radio, WPTF-680, there were only a few hundred protesters. Guess the left just had better things to do then following through on their promise to protest. Nixon got around 60K. Guess people aren’t that passionate from the Left.

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4 Responses to “Inaugural Highlights”

  1. Jeremy says:

    I think it might have had something to do with the frozen wasteland D.C. was. Hell, it took like three hours to de-ice the white house steps.

    Everything’s okay though. One of the protestors threw a snowball at Bush. That’s about the worst of it.

  2. Jeremy says:


    I’ve been noticing that you’re a bit crabbier than usual. Okay, a lot crabbier than usual. Are you just pissed about the whole election thing or is there a deeper meaning here?

    If it’s just the election thing I shall be calling you a sore loser.

    If not, what’s going on man?

  3. See, there is that suckers thing. It seems to me to be a refusal to acknowledge that we think that Bush is the better choice. Heck, I hate Kerry, but I respect your choice.

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