Some interesting stuff. I had stopped by American Warmonger this afternoon (using IE), and saw a discussion of him using a favicon. So, I checked up on it, since I had previously thought you could only do it if you owned a domain name. WRONG. It is actually incredibly simple.

What is a favicon? See that skull and crossbones up in the link bar (you will see it if you have Firefox, you might see it if you have Internet Explorer)? That is a favicon. If you bookmark me (hint hint), it should show up in your links, as well. It wouldn’t show up if you blogroll me (hint hint).

First, you need a favicon. Find some picture which will come out very nice. Remember, your Mom (or child 🙂 ) might see it. There are lots of places that will turn it into a favicon. I went to FavIcon From Pics. I created several, so I could change as the mood strikes. Follow the directions, but don’t forget to unzip.

For Typepad and Moveable Type, it is incredibly easy to add it. Just upload the FavIcon to your home folder. For Typepad, this is Control Panel>Files. Don’t bother trying to have a different FavIcon for multiple Typepad blogs: doesn’t work. Has to be in the "home" folder. For MT, you are on your own, I haven’t seen the backend. For Blogspot, do what it states at FavIcon From Pics.

Thanks to Extra Strength Surfing Fingers for the FYI for Blogspot users

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10 Responses to “Favicons!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Jeremy says:

    Yours only show up in foxfire. Mozilla and IE don’t show it. I really wish they could get a set standard together ofr all of this code stuff.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Just changed my favicon. I had to change the title of it in order to get it changed. It worked though. In order to get it to work in IE it has to be in some sort of default directory.

    Man we are geeks!

  3. I was kinda disappointed, cause I only got 18% on the Geek Test. I wish the favicons would stay around in IE. It is some preference/setting, which most people turn off. I haven’t found out which one. Maybe a security setting. If could get everyone using Firefox…..

    I like that one, Jeremy. Boom!

  4. FreeKnight says:

    Nice site. The favicon that shows up in my bookmark is not the pirate flag that shows up in your url. The bookmark favicon is found at http://piratescove.typepad.com/piratescove/favicon.ico. The pirate flag would be a great bookmark icon.

  5. Not sure, FreeKnight. I tried it myself, then refreshed, and it showed up. I still have American Warmongers original “W” showing up in my bookmarks, rather then the Nuke he has now. What shows up for you for my bookmark?

  6. FreeKnight says:

    I get a white oval in a teal box. I get the same thing if I enter the url http://piratescove.typepad.com/piratescove/favicon.ico

  7. Jeremy says:

    I think it’s the typepad favicon. It shows up in bloglines as well. Nothing’s perfect. I guess it tells us that we should be on our own domains with this stuff…heh.

  8. FS says:

    Actually, you can have multiple favicons for multiple Typepad weblogs. You need to put the files in the individual weblog folders, not the root ‘Home’ folder.

  9. You’re right, FS. I couldn’t get it to work originally, but, finally it to accept an American Flag favicon for my American Flag site.

  10. does this make my ass look small?

    I found this nifty coding gadget for making my pic show up in the browser window at Pirate’s Cove….. But somehow it loses something in the translation…hmmmm…

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