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From the Washington Post:

Many Republicans couldn’t resist crowing that the report, commissioned by CBS, repudiated the network’s reporting on so many levels, given the longtime conservative animosity toward Rather as a symbol of liberal bias. And although the panel’s report found no political bias by anyone at CBS, it was clearly a setback for the mainstream media against an administration that has often stiff-armed or ignored journalists, whom Bush calls an unreliable "filter" between him and the public.

I would say so, and so have most of the Conservative/Right Wing blogs and pundits. cBS can say what they want, but the media has become mouth pieces for their viewpoints. That is just fine when it is a commentator, such as Hannity or Scarborough, but not for those reporting the news. And yes, that includes FoxNews. Give me the news, darnit. I will decide on the spin.

The impact of the CBS scandal was magnified both by Bush, who often disparages the media, and by Rather, who pugnaciously defended himself as the victim of conservative attacks. Rather drew the battle lines clearly in defending the story, saying the critics included "partisan political operatives," and told the outside panel he still thinks the accusations of Bush receiving favorable treatment are true, whether or not the documents are real.

Is that so, Dan? Do you have actual proof? No? The hell you say. Now, I am no lawyer, that that seems to be grounds for a slander/defamation of character suit.

Media credibility has been declining for years. In 1988, 58 percent of the public found no bias in political reporting, according to the nonpartisan Pew Research Center. By 2004, the figure had dropped to 38 percent.

No one knows if what they are getting is "just the news" or spin, which is mostly to the Left. The reality is this will not change, but there is pretty good opening for someone to create a news division that is strictly news. On the other hand, perhaps it is a measure that people do want news spun to their political leanings.

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One Response to “More cBS”

  1. Pat in NC says:

    In this case it would seem that Rather is the one receiving favorable treatment. I guess that is okay–he can lie to the people, but GWB is somehow unqualified because someone put in a good word for him (which the person selecting pilot candidates denies). I suppose all of Rather’s, Heyward’s and Mapes jobs over the years came without anyone ever recommending them.

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