A Clothing Rant

What is the point of having a blog if you don’t go off on a rant now and then? Here is todays.

Someone explain the point of stocking spring/summer clothes starting the last week in January? No, really, someone tell me. It is completely idiotic. Men have a hard enough time finding clothes other then suits, and now you want me to buy warm weather clothes in the dog days of winter? Are f’ing insane?

I’m not talking just about short sleave shirts here, folks. I am talking about shorts, bathing suits, and tank tops (and the colors this year are hideous). And it is not small sections. They have replaced most of the cold weather stuff with warm to hot weather stuff. Gloves and winter hats are almost unavailable at this time. Winter jackets have mostly gone away.

Ladies, you make think this is a good thing. The thing is, men buy for now. If we buy, or are bought, something for months from now, you can guaruntee that 1. we will forget about it, and 2. it will probably be messed up if we ever find it. Unless it is a Playboy or sports equipment, out of site out of mind. We just do not think that way. We do not need to think about replacing our bathing suits or shorts in January: heck, we aren’t even sure where they are in our closets.

And, I do not need flip flops in January. Besides, my ratty old Reef’s are just fine. However, if you MUST buy us some, here is what you get us.

In the meantime, bring my cold weather stuff back. All I wanted was a casual, nice looking, long sleave shirt or 2.

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2 Responses to “A Clothing Rant”

  1. Ogre says:

    You were supposed to have already bought all that stuff by now… 😉

  2. Patty-Jo says:

    It makes me crazy too. It’s winter! What do they expect up to do? Wear bikinis on our heads to keep our ears warm?

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