Sharon Stone: Hollywood Good Girl

Courtesy of Krakatoa at The Zoo, comes a story of a Hollywood celeb using her fame to do good:

Hollywood siren Sharon Stone, more used to the film studio than the business stage, stole the limelight with an impromptu fundraiser at the World Economic Forum that secured one million dollars in aid to Africa.

Seizing her chance during a heavyweight debate on how to tackle poverty in Africa, Stone stood up in the middle of the crowded hall to offer an immediate personal pledge of 10,000 dollars — then challenged others to follow suit.

It didn’t take long for first one man, then another and another, to stand up. And a short while later, as the debate closed, moderator Bill Frist, the US Senate majority leader, announced that Stone had raised one million dollars.

According to the next story link, she did it in 5 minutes. Instead of ranting and raving and calling for people to "do something," as Hollyweird and the Left have wont to do, Sharon actually "did something." Awesome.

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