Name That Nut

Jimmy Walter has spent more than $3 million promoting a conspiracy
theory the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States were "an inside
job" and he is offering more cash to anyone who proves him wrong.

millionaire activist is so convinced of a government cover-up he is
offering a $100,000 reward to any engineering student who can prove the
World Trade Center buildings crashed the way the government says.

course, we expect no winners," Walter, 57, heir to an $11 million
fortune from his father’s home building business, said in a telephone
interview from California on Wednesday.

Of course there will be no winners. This raving wackjob has been trying for years now, and has no proof. How about this and this and this. This one has a video. Heck, just go here for many more links. The construction of the Towers was such that the fire proofing was blown away when the planes hit, the girders and their stays heated up, and buckled. The way they buckled allowed the floors to collapse straight down, with the elevator shafts as guides. There is no conspiracy. But some people are into that crap.

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2 Responses to “Name That Nut”

  1. the Pirate says:

    Maybe I’ll enter the ‘best alternate theory’ contest with:

    You stopped taking your meds.

  2. could be a winner. 🙂

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