Run Away, Run Away!

The United Nations has suspended its humanitarian operations in Sudan’s troubled South
Darfur area following a shooting that killed two aid workers, the
agency said Monday.

The Sudanese employees of Save the
Children — medical assistant Abhakar el Tayeb and mechanic Yacoub
Abdelnabi Ahmed — were killed Sunday when their convoy came under fire
in South Darfur, according to the U.N. statement.

Well, there is a great f’ing idea. Let’s screw the people of Sudan who need that aid because the UN is a bunch of lilly livered cowards, who are incapable of growing anything resembling a backbone. But, Hey! don’t worry:

"Our humanitarian operations in South
Darfur are currently suspended whilst we review the situation. An
African Union investigation is under way," the statement said.

I wonder how many Sudanese will have to perish before the UN pulls it’s thumb out of their butt?

But, the UN is ok with asking for 1,000 more troops for the Ivory Coast. Gotta protect the French colonialism, ya know.

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2 Responses to “Run Away, Run Away!”

  1. Exactly. The UN is guarunteed to get my blood boiling, too.

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