Last Post on Hockey, I’m Sure

This is probably acompanied by the sounds of funeral music:

The NHL rejected last week’s proposal by the
players’ association and then had its own counteroffer turned down
Tuesday during a 3½-hour negotiating session.

Nuff said. Hey, on the bright side, my NY Football Giants still suck.

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3 Responses to “Last Post on Hockey, I’m Sure”

  1. Nixon1971 says:

    Too funny. The NHL had a marginally marketable product to begin with, they had only a handful of players that anyone could even recognize (IE: Jerome Iginla) and now they have disillusioned their loyal fanbase, as small as it was. I was actually getting into hockey for the first time last season, with those clever ESPN “Hockey: Made in America, delivered on (Tuesdays?) commercials, and even though I’ve always claimed to be a Flames fan, I cheered the Lightning due to the behavior of the Canadian fans booing our National anthem in last year’s finals. But, do I miss hockey? Uhm, NO. I’ll watch a few minutes of college hockey on Fox Sports North (thanks Digital Cable!) now and then, but am I crying in my Molson’s that the NHL isn’t playing? NO! Will I ever? NO!

    Way to go, you hosers! Take off, eh?

  2. Hockey is my favorite sport. I am a diehard fan. But this thing is driving me away.

  3. Tom L says:

    I too have quit cold-turkey commenting on the state of hte NHL lockout. I’ve blogged enough words over it. When the NHL returns so will I, living where there is no local hockey, that’s just the way it is.


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