What’s Good About The French?

Ok, a friend of mine asked me to stop bashing the French for just one post. I said, "the one about the bridge wasn’t all that bad." She said "just one nice post." OK. So, what is good about the French? And I mean this in complete seriousness.

  1. French Bread
  2. French Coffee
  3. French Wine
  4. French Toast
  5. Brigitte Bardot: babe
  6. Claude Monet: my favorite painter
  7. French Alps
  8. Papillion: one of the all time great movies
  9. You can surf there. No, really!
  10. Nostradamus
  11. Jacques Cousteau
  12. Rechargeable lead batteries invented by Gaston Platte
  13. The bicycle was invented by Comte Mede de Sivrac in 1790
  14. Mayonnaise
  15. The hot air balloon

I think that is a decent list. Actually, I went to prep school with a girl from France, who said something to the effect that “do not blame the whole of France for what the government and the city folk do.”

Here is a Monet:Monet

If you want to add on, please, feel free.

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2 Responses to “What’s Good About The French?”

  1. Ogre says:

    Well there’s, umm…no, that was somewhere else… I think there’s uh…

    I visited France a few times, back in the mid-80s. They didn’t like us then…well except for that one girl…

    Ok, they have some nice ski slopes. We skiied in the French Alps one time — it was 20 degrees (F) when we started in the morning and by 1pm it was 70 degrees. Weird skiing, but fun.

  2. Patty-Jo says:

    um….well… okay… you know…. the language …french, um… it’s kind of..well


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