Just Say No To Kyoto

From the BBC, the United States has said NO to signing the Kyoto Treaty

The US has told a UN conference on global warming that it has no
intention of re-joining international efforts to cut greenhouse gas

The chief American negotiator at the conference in
Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires ruled out any move to sign up to the
Kyoto Protocol for years.

He told reporters that efforts to cut emissions were based on bad science.

The United States Senate has previously voted, during Clinton’s Presidency, 99-1 against the Treaty. It is, as Mr. Watson says, a "political document…more about being seen to agree than about actual action."

Yes, something does need to be done. I will not disagree on that. But, the Kyoto Treaty is not the answer. Why? Read this.  I can pontificate all I want (hey, it’s my blog), but you have to decide for yourself. I will further agree that I do not like President Bush’s environmental policies. It is one of my disagreements with his policies. But, we have to look towards real, lasting answers, not makeshift political ploys.

Also, check out Everything I Know Is Wrong regarding the polar ice shelves.

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