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So, I have joined Blog Explosion, from the King Of Fools. Sorry to any of the other folks who sites I visit alot, I just didn’t know what it was. Still not fully hip to how Blog Explosion works, just having fun seeing other sites. If you would like to join, as it is a good way to a. get traffic and b. see some of the other blogs out there (if you are like me, you tend to see alot of politics and news blogs, not alot of the other stuff), click on the Blog Explosion button to the left, in The Reef, or click here.

Some interesting things I have found:

Ran across some "Progressive" sites that were a real hoot. No trackbacks for them!

One interesting thing I have noticed is that alot of Conservative bloggers get rated low. So, when you Right Wingers pass through other Right Wingers, hook ’em up! I know Ogre and American Warmonger are in there, haven’t passed through yet while surfing. Run across Backcountry Conservative, but couldn’t vote for him at the time, was to new. If I left you off the list, saaawwrrryy, me ship of war hasn’t crossed your T yet. Give it time, maties!

PS: Am also trying out Bloglines as my RSS reader, per a couple of folks, including Jeremy at American Warmonger. The nice thing as that all the links reside on their server, so you can pull them up on different PC’s. Replacing my Feedreader most certainly. Woo woo woo woo woo woo!

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3 Responses to “Blog Explosion”

  1. Jeremy got Bloglines vie ME. No props?? Harumph.

  2. Sorry, PW, didn’t know. I do have you Bloglined, though.

  3. Ogre says:

    It’s pretty neat, but beware of it becoming addictive. And yes, there seem to be a lot of lefty blogs in there.

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