Quagmire Redux

Ok, time to send in the Marines. This is terrible’.

Shipments of cocoa from Ivory Coast, the world’s biggest producer, remain blocked following three days of unrest.

The country’s two ports were shut down on Monday, after a ceasefire broke down and French bombing of the country’s air force sparked rioting.

President Bush needs to invite the French Ambassador to the WH, then smack him in the nose with a rolled up newspaper, similar to Kofi Annon.

On a serious note, France has begun massive evactuations of of French Nationals, and several other countries are going to follow suit.

And, being that most of the other news services haven’t really given a rats azz about following this service, lets stick with the BBC, and take a look at some of the letters:

Let’s be honest, France is in the Ivory Coast for its own interests and hopes to maintain its sphere of influence in Africa. Much of Africa is still part of the French empire but the French public refuses to admit it……

Why do people protest only against US aggression? Where are the European pacifists now? Americans are open to criticism but we want to see the critics and protesters criticizing and protesting against all immoral developments – not just ones carried out by the US. And no, I didn’t vote for Bush.


The president is misguided! Why did he violate the UN ceasefire, launching air strikes on rebel zones killing French soldiers, one US civilian, and many Ivorian civilians? Gbagbo must resign if he cannot be the president of all Ivorians.
Sahou Mathieu, Abidjan


The French have yet again shown their arrogance in their foreign affairs. France has destroyed its reputation in the US because of its irresponsible criticism of the US lead coalition’s war on terror. Now France – with only one incident to show for – displays its true colours with a total disregard for human life in its use of unmeasured force for mere retaliatory purposes.
Magnus Malm, Uddevalla, Sweden

Plenty more there. Give it a perusal.
Robert Zinna, New York, USA

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