Homeland Security Not So Dumb, Moonbats

I guess that the folks in the Intell departments aren’t as clueless as the libs say:

US officials say they are confident, but not certain, missing Californian Adam Gadahn is the man who threatened al-Qaeda attacks in a recent video.

The man appeared with his face covered in a tape shown by ABC News last month, calling himself Azzam the American and claiming to belong to al-Qaeda.

Adam Gadahn has not been linked to any specific terror activities, but the FBI says it wants to question him.

In May, he was put on an FBI list of wanted suspects.

Officials concluded after technical analysis of the tape that the speaker was Mr Gadahn, who left California for Pakistan six years ago, US networks reported.

I would suspect that the job those folks do is not easy. Yet they put 2 and 2 together awhile ago about Mr. Nutjob Gadahn, and were quickly able to almost positively identify that it was him in the terror threat.

Of course, this figures:

Adam Gadahn was born Adam Pearlman in 1978, the son of a 1960s psychedelic musician.

He was raised in Orange County on a goat farm

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