More on the Raleigh GOP Attack

Such special people:

RALEIGH — An apparent supporter of three people arrested in an attack on the N.C. Republican Party headquarters tussled with two cameramen as they followed him from the Wake County Public Safety Center on Monday afternoon.

The young man shielded his face from the cameras as he left the first appearance hearing for David Reuben Hensley, Melissa Lynn Brown and Vanessa Marie Zuloaga, where he had tried to communicate with them from his front row seat. He smashed the cameras to the ground and ran.

Mom always taught me not to follow a mistake up with more mistakes. That is how you get Chernobyl.

Officials charged Asa Lincoln Collier, 18, of Cayce, S.C., with simple assault and two counts of damage to property in connection with the incident, according to a news release from the Raleigh Police Department. Officers were searching for the 5 foot 11 inch tall teen late Monday night.

They know his name and hometown. They have him on film, both still and video (caught some of it on the 10pm news). Turn yourself in, stupid. Will be interesting to find out which college he goes to. Too bad Peace College is for women. But 2 of the defendents are women. And the charges?

Wake County District Court Judge Robert Rader officially informed each defendant of the charge against him or her — felony malicious damaging by use of an incendiary device — and asked each whether he or she wanted a court-appointed attorney, would supply one, or would represent himself of herself.

It is interesting to note that these and other illegal political protests have been proportedly linked to Anarchists. New name for Progressives/Liberals? Check the rest of the article.

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One Response to “More on the Raleigh GOP Attack”

  1. Ogre says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing more info on the “camera attack.” It may be as it seems, but at the same time, I know those press assclowns can be really, really intrusive at times. Sometimes they get what’s coming to them. Freedom of press ends when your camera is less than 6 inches from my face.

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