Good SciFi

Some new SciFi books I plan to either purchase or get from the library as soon as done with some of the Honor Harrington books:

Michael Marshall "The Upright Man" (Check out his others, under the name Michael Marshall Smith)

Harry Turtledove "Days of Infamy" The master of Alternate History!

Plus, while not scifi, Nelson Demille’s new one comes out 11/22, "Nightfall" Check out Plumb Island (Pirates!) and The Lions Game in the meantime,

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2 Responses to “Good SciFi”

  1. Ogre says:

    Yay, Pirates! Err… I mean, Ahoy!

  2. Phoenix says:

    One of the greatest scifi books ever written has got to be Dune by Frank Herbert. This post is merely a tribute the the late master of scifi. Well done!

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