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The new Rich Text format is looking good. When you first use it, you may be a bit apprehensive, because of the size of the letters that appear whey typing. However, the "normal" font, while appearing larger when typing, will come out the same standard size. Or you can use smaller fonts, or colored fonts. Cool, huh? If you start a new

paragraph, the line break will be ok. Don’t worry. Be happy.

For quoted passages, you now press the "increase indent" button. No need to highlight the whole thing now. To go back to normal,

press the "decrease indent" with the cursor at the beginning of the line. Nice, huh?

If any of you out there are having problems with your left sidebar eating into your center space, either remove your side calender (spell check worked!) or move it to the right side (if you have 2 sidebars.)

More: if you want to do any html editing, do it after you are done with the post. You cannot go back to the "compose post" tab. Nor will you be able to use some of the rich text functions. So, if you want to make the link pop up in a new screen (BTW, you do that by adding target="_blank" before the > that precedes the word that is linked like <…….." (press space bar once) target="_blank> GOP Rules </….>)

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