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The hit count is Alex, Bonnie, Charley, and about to be Gaston. Danielle and Earl (would that not have been a perfect name for storm that hits the SE?) where no shows. Frances is not included yet. Wait a few days to a week to sey if NC goes 4-7 or 5-7. The 5 day […]

Did Kerry turn against Vietnam on Christmas 1968?

Nope. Try a little earlier. At Yale, Kerry was chairman of the Political Union and later, as Commencement speaker, urged the United States to withdraw from Vietnam and to scale down foreign military operations. And this was way back in 1966. But the memory was “seared….seared” into his mind that Christmas 1968, and changed his […]

Weekes gone

The Carolina Hurricanes say goodbye to Kevin Weekes, who has left for the bluer pastures of MSG and the Rangers. Good luck with that. That should go well. The ‘Canes have the ability to go up. The Rangers have nohwere to go but up, but will not be happening anytime soon. Let me stop there, […]

UN double face

Can the UN do anything? Despite numerous eyewitness reports, the UN will not prosecute Marko Bostik, a man accused of war crimes and ethnic cleansing in Bosnia. He was mistakenly let into the US. Fortuoutesly, it looks like Bosnia will attempt to put him on trial. UN>useless nuts.

USA Basketball-Where’s the Pride

Great job, guys. 3rd loss and you are out. No offense to Argentina, but for Team USA to loose 89-81 is pathetic. Now they get to play Lithuania for the Bronze. And I wouldn’t bet against Lithuania. USA Basketball gets taken to task here and here and here And ESPN’s Page 2 has a pretty […]

Iraq Liberation Act

No, Al Gore certainly wouldn’t have done anything about Iraq, the lefties cry. Funny how they forget about the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998, HR 4655. Which was passed unanimously in the Senate. Gore supported it, as VP. Even Bob Kerrey was wildly for it. No Roll Call for the Senate, only a little debate. […]

Canadian MP calls U.S. ‘idiots’ – Aug 26, 2004

Such a nice lady MP Carolyn Parrish is. Before, we were damned Americans, now we are a “coalition of idiots.” I have an idea: don’t cover Canada with the missile defense system. It would be very easy to take potshots at Canada, but I like Canada. Beautiful nation. Invented hockey. Drop her a line if […]

Media Reality Check

Good luck with that. The Media Research Center has a challenge for the media: be fair and balanced. Here is the PDF of their proposal. 1. Avoid talk of President Bush’s record as Texas Governor and as President. Seem silly? The media avoided Kerry’s record as a Senator. I wonder how many people who watched […]

Food for Oil Scandal

The OFF Scandal has dropped off the radar a bit, what with everything else that is going on. Check out Friends of Saddam for the latest. Including the banks that are involved with OFF.

The New Soldier

Would you like a copy of John Kerry’s “The New Soldier?” Available here Get it quick before Kerry finds out and goes crying to President Bush.

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