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Slow Day

So how about a little Michael Moore slammin’, what say ye (sorry, was watching Pirates of the Caribbean, and no, has nothing to do with the website :)) So, introducing Fifty-nine Deceits in Fahrenheit 911. Thanks to Dave Kopel, who put it together.

Do Floridians Blame the GOP for Elections Problems?

The answer would be: NO. Seems like they blame the former Elections Supervisor, Miriam Oliphant, who was canned by Jeb Bush for incompetence. Seems that only 8% would return her to office. 84% say not going to happen. And, lets give her the benefit of the doubt on the check, shat happens.

Did I miss the plans?

I was promised detail. Where was the detail? What we were given, in essence, was a recap of all of Kerry’s talking points, with the added “Help is on the way” patronism. Wasn’t Edwards about “Hope is on the way?” Now it’s “help.” The speech certainly satisfied all the lefties out there, hitting on his […]

The Complete Military History of France…

I once went to school with a very nice lady from France, who told me not to judge all of France by it’s government or the Parisians. I truly try not to. However, when it comes down to it, they aren’t much to talk about when it comes to war: Gallic Wars – Lost. In […]

Tuning in tot the DNC?

Anyone else tuning in? Or is it as painful for others to listen to the substance free drivel as it is for me? What it all comes down to is Teddy’s “The only thing we have to fear is four more years of George Bush.” I suppose, as a North Carolina resident, I should have […]

Are Terrorists Ready to Attack?

Two stories regarding AL Queda infiltrating the US, many posing as Mexicans to gain access. The other story is here at Lonewacko. Could Al Queda be looking for a primarily West Coast attack this time? Maybe a nuke in a fault zone? Chemical/biological attack into LA’s limited water supply area? Perhaps I am being overly […]

The other Iraqi death count.

One of the stats that has seemingly been ignored by the media now is the death toll to the Iraqi people during the 12 years of sanctions. I remember reading that it worked out to approximatley 50,000 people per year or more. That figure might be low. Some have estimated almost 2 million children alone […]

The Kerry Iraq Video

Dems Extreme Makeover has the video of Kerry on Iraq that the RNC released today. GO. SEE IT!

Kerry throws out the first pitch!

This is a must see from CNN/SI regarding Kerry throwing out the first pitch. They may have forgotten to mention the shorthop, but the photo more then makes up for that oversight!

ACLU being normal?

I don’t usually quote Newsmax, but there is a very interesting story about the ACLU doing something that is not only normal, but makes sense. Four years after Florida’s hanging chads captivated a nation and less than 100 days before what could be another tight presidential race, this swing state’s punch-card voting system is being […]

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