Tuning in tot the DNC?

Anyone else tuning in? Or is it as painful for others to listen to the substance free drivel as it is for me? What it all comes down to is Teddy’s “The only thing we have to fear is four more years of George Bush.”

I suppose, as a North Carolina resident, I should have listened to Edwards speak, but, it is the same old same old. Long on talk, short on reality. Or should I say long on lies? Edwards is a rather good speaker, but his speaking ability can only take him so far, which is one of the reasons NC pundits proclaimed that he would be kissing his Senate seat goodbye in the next election.

Read his speech yourself, and count out the “untruths.” Don’t forget, “There is Hope.” That’s nice, isn’t it? It does address the “feelings'” of the Left, but doesn’t address “thought.”

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