Daily Archives: July 25, 2004

Sunday Quick Hits

Protesters of the Democratic National Convention are working themselves into a fine froth over the “protest area” at the convention. Can you blame them. The liberals/left/Bush haters have had coniption fits about the protest zones et al at Bush rallies. Now we have what amounts to a cage. Protestors Demand Visibility Ricky Williams is retiring. […]

Al Jazeera gone mad!

The important part of this article from Al Jazeera, but the comments to the article. I can understand the improper grammar from foreign nationals, but: alan, cut the crab, american presence in iraq is illegal. you shoudl not be in this forum for your lack of knowledge. so, go finish your cheese bueger. is just […]

Who “lied?”

Jason Bougger at Theme of Absence has a great presentation of where Bush got his “Marching Orders”. So, if “Bush Lied,” what about all those leading Democrats? Was Bush performing some sort of evil hypnosis back into the late 1990’s?

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