ACLU being normal?

I don’t usually quote Newsmax, but there is a very interesting story about the ACLU doing something that is not only normal, but makes sense.

Four years after Florida’s hanging chads captivated a nation and less than 100 days before what could be another tight presidential race, this swing state’s punch-card voting system is being challenged in court.

The trial, set to begin Monday, is the first in the nation, voting experts say. Lawsuits filed by the American Civil Liberties Union against several other states have been settled with agreements that punch-card ballots will be replaced.

However (has to be one of those), they are a dollar short and a day late. I applaud them for this action, those punch cards have needed to go for a long tome, despite it being largely Democratic Precincts and Democratic voters who have the issues. Filing the suits in 2001 would have made much more sense.

Even where they to win, there is certainly not enough time to change the voting method in those precincts that use it before November.

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