Did I miss the plans?

I was promised detail. Where was the detail? What we were given, in essence, was a recap of all of Kerry’s talking points, with the added “Help is on the way” patronism. Wasn’t Edwards about “Hope is on the way?” Now it’s “help.”

The speech certainly satisfied all the lefties out there, hitting on his overdone “what I am going to do” rhetoric, and bashing Bush (wasn’t that something which Kerry said he didn’t want the convention to be about?), but, again, no detail. No plans. As they say, “If there is no plan, there can be no attack. Without an attack, there can be no victory.”

HOW does he plan on (insert Issue here)? Where was the steak? All we got were the veggies. International Cooperation. Health Care. Outsourcing. The Environment. War. Terrorism, er anti-terrorism (nice slip of the tongue by JFK, jr, eh?). Etc. “Were I the President…” Come on, John, details, mon.

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