Daily Archives: August 30, 2004

French Hostages (con’t)

Where were the French when it was Americans being held and threatened with death? They are still on the learning curve at this point. Lets hope that those 2 gentleman are released. But, I doubt they will be. This is the same group that beheaded that Italian man a few weeks ago. The Muslim Extremists […]

7 minutes, blah blah blah

Diana West over at Townhall takes some well deserved shots at John Kerry, and informs us of what Kerry did on Sept 11th. As an article in The Washington Times points out, Mr. Kerry’s reaction to the attacks of Sept. 11 wasn’t exactly the stuff of the Minutemen. Mr. Kerry told “Larry King Live” that […]

French getting it? part 2

So France has said nope, we are not doing away with their ban on Muslim head scarves in public schools. I applaud them for standing up to the Islamofascist terrorists. The French government has said it will not revoke a law banning Muslim headscarves in public schools, despite demands by a militant Islamic group holding […]

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