Daily Archives: August 29, 2004

Will the French Get it?

So we now have 2 French journalists held by terrorists in Iraq, who want France to end its ban on head scarves for Muslim women in France. So much for France staying out of the fight against the terrorists. The Islamic Army in Iraq, which last week said it killed Italian journalist Enzo Baldoni, on […]

Peace Breaking Out

It seems that war is down. How about that? And on President Bush’s watch, too. The chilling sights and sounds of war fill newspapers and television screens worldwide, but war itself is in decline, peace researchers report In fact, the number killed in battle has fallen to its lowest point in the post-World War II […]

A little to close?

Most of us know the wonderful work that ScrappleFace has done through the years. Wonderful, cut to bone, no holds barred satire. Every once in a while, they really, really, really, hit on something. Kerry: Celebrities at Risk if Bush Reelected (2004-08-28) — Democrat presidential candidate John Forbes Kerry today warned that America faces “a […]

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