Daily Archives: August 17, 2004

What’s in a Name?

Just a little note regarding the name of my Blog. Why the Pirates Cove? And, isn’t there another blog in the Bear League called Pirates Blog? Well, I am a graduate of East Carolina University, which is the Pirates. I had been using the name Pirates Cove for maybe 5 years, on a few servers, […]

Hurricane Charley and Unemployment

In reference to a previous post, how soon till the Left will use the enemployment caused by Charley to slam President Bush? When the figures come out in September, will they remember why unemployment spiked?

What war on terrorism?

John Leno at Townhall has an interesting article on the ACLU ignoring a deal it made with the feds regarding hiring people on US Terrorist watch lists. Out for the day, big meeting. Enjoy.

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