What’s in a Name?

Just a little note regarding the name of my Blog. Why the Pirates Cove? And, isn’t there another blog in the Bear League called Pirates Blog? Well, I am a graduate of East Carolina University, which is the Pirates. I had been using the name Pirates Cove for maybe 5 years, on a few servers, I think the first was HomePlace, or simthing like that, throught MSN. They went down, and I moved to Tripod. Hadn’t updated in a while, and that got wipe. I then started calling it PiratesX, and started blogging under that name. I decided to go back to Pirates Cove when moving to TypePad, just like it a bit better.

What do I write about and/or post? Whatever comes to mind. Mostly politics, maybe some sports, some tech, whatever. Depends on the mood, and what is happening. I hope you enjoy it, and if you have any comments or suggestions, or even criticism, drop me a line.

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