Daily Archives: August 4, 2004

Oil up, Oil down.

CNN/Money effectively, in the space of one paragraph, destroys every leftwing argument about the price of oil being high as GWB’s fault. Oil prices have risen by more than one-third since the end of 2003 on worries that accelerating global demand has left supplies tightly stretched with little leeway for disruption. What seems to be […]


Here’s a little hint: if you have a deep thought, use Word, or Notepad, or something to type it, saving often. I just lost about 300-400 words from a Windows crash, and, at least in my opinion, it was good stuff. Was on a role. And now that thought will no coalese properly. Bummer. Kerry. […]

There is No DNC Attack Machine

Of course not. The left NEVER attacks. Just ask Collin McNickle. He was the reporter who ask Teresa HK about what “un-american” meant, and she told him to “shove it.” Check out the editorial, especially the last line.

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