Daily Archives: August 25, 2004

NC Lottery again?

So NC Gov Mike Easley is back on the lottery bandwagon? Of course, the money is all for Education, right? Well, I remember working at a liquor store in New Jersey in the summers, and we sold lottery tickets. I read a document on where the money went. We had been told that it was […]

Unfit For Command

Barnes and Nobles is taking a beating over being out of stock of Unfit for Command. To put it into perspective, the first run was only 550,000 copies. That has to be spread out to alot of stores, as well as the Internet sites. I ended up ordering mine from Amazon, after checking a Waldenbooks, […]

Sean at Everthing I know is Wrong picked up a story about the FEC chairman defending the SBV’s Right to show their ads. Chairman Bradley Smith: “I think it’s great we live in a country where 260 average guys can go out and put their point of view out there before the public and influence […]

Bring it on!

Let’s get back to the Debate, Kerry says. Let’s talk about the Issues. Healthcare, Jobs, Iraq. But let’s only spend 1 minute of a 30 minute speech talking about them. Because that is the amount of time that John Kerry spent talking about healthcare, jobs, and Iraq during his wonderful speech in New York on […]

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