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Let’s get back to the Debate, Kerry says. Let’s talk about the Issues. Healthcare, Jobs, Iraq. But let’s only spend 1 minute of a 30 minute speech talking about them. Because that is the amount of time that John Kerry spent talking about healthcare, jobs, and Iraq during his wonderful speech in New York on Tuesday. One minute.

“They can’t, or they refuse to talk about the real issues that matter to the American people,” he said. “To me the contest this year is not just about winning a campaign,” he continued. “It’s about reclaiming the character of America’s integrity and the the integrity of our politics.

OK, John. Thanks. How about that health care plan? Your going to use your tax increases on the rich to pay for it, right? It is everyone’s Right, is that correct? My copy of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution do not have anything about health care in them. Jobs? Government doesn’t create them. Private enterprise does, with a little help from the governenment. Lower the tax base on companies so that they do not move overseas (and some other things.) Iraq? The Kerry campaign now says that he wouldn’t go to war, after he said he would, after saying he wouldn’t, after voting for it, and so on.

Sign Form 180, and the Swift Boat Vets for Truth issue will either go away, or put Kerry down for good.

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