WAAAAA. part 2

Kerry has put on his diapers again.

NEW YORK – Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry accused President Bush’s campaign and political allies on Tuesday of conducting a campaign of “fear and smear” to avoid talking about jobs, health care and the war in Iraq.

When Kerry talks about the reality of jobs, health care, and Iraq, it will be a first. Except when he said that he would have invaded Iraq, himself. Woops.

“You can’t lead America by misleading the American people,” said Kerry, who has been struggling in recent days against charges — denounced by Democrats as smear tactics — that he lied about his actions in Vietnam that won five military medals.

Kerry would know. He has been doing it since his days in Vietnam.

“They have no plans, no positive vision and no understanding of an urgent and undeniable truth, a strong America begins at home,” Kerry said in a speech blocks from the site of next week’s Republican National Convention.

This is the same guy who said that he wouldn’t discuss any plan for Iraq until he was President.

“My duty … is to be a president and commander in chief who finds the truth and tells the truth instead of misleading the American people, hiding behind front groups, saying anything and doing anything to avoid the real issues that matter, like jobs, health care and the war in Iraq.”

Moveon.org. George Soros. Michael Moore. etc. I get the picture of Kerry popping his head out from behind his Mothers skirt, a-scared. And would this be the Truth about a memory that was seered into his brain? How about the truth about the conduct of US troops in Vietnam? Or the truth about his support for the current Gulf War, up till the time that Howard Dean imploded his way out of the running?

Jobs? Private industry creates them, with a little bit of regulatory help from the gov’t. Health Care? It is a private thing, not a Right. My copies of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution do not contain anything about the Right to Health Care. Iraq? Kerry’s the challanger. Where are his ideas? Oh, that’s right, they are President Bush’s ideas. But with more internationalization. That would be France and Germany, neither of which can field a real fighting force to replace any US combat troops, and Germany has said, in no uncertain terms “Hell No! Doesn’t matter who is President of the USA.”

Kerry want a ba ba? Maybe he just needs a nap. He looks tired.

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