Vietnam Shouldn’t be an Issue

From a Boston Globe editorial:

THE REPUBLICAN attack machine keeps going and going. During the Clinton administration it was the Monica Lewinsky scandal. This time it’s John Kerry’s Vietnam record.

Today we should be far more concerned about issues surrounding deaths from firearms in our country, the number of endangered species that have become extinct worldwide, and the murder of innocent civilians in places like Sudan. Meanwhile, senseless debates, such as Kerry’s Vietnam record, fill the media. Case in point: The Aug. 20 front page announces that “Kerry blasts veterans group over negative ads.” Meanwhile an urgent appeal about the dire consequences of global warming from the European Environment Agency was relegated to a news brief on Page A6 the day before.

The American public is being taken for fools, and it’s high time we woke up to this fact and demanded better.

Sally Slovenski

Well, Ms. Slovenski is correct, at least in terms of Vietnam. But Kerry, as noted ad nauseum throughout the Blogosphere, is the one who brought it to the forefront. He has been using his Vietnam service since his original campaign, and made it a focal point when he started running for President. It became the #1 issue during his Convention speech. The phrase “hoisted on his own petard” comes to mind (or should it be leotard?). He rarely brings up actual issues. His own website has some pretty good idea, especially the Environmental ideas, which I, for the most part, really like. Could I trust Kerry to actually implement them, I would consider voting for him. But 2 problems: where would the money come from, and, based on his record (Judge me on my record..) and what he says on to any given group, there is no Trust. I have no trust that he would do what he says, nor keep taxes low to pay for his Issues. Bush may not be the greates Domestic Pres, but you know where you stand with him.

Do I digress? Maybe. But Global Warming is somewhat of a myth. There is no real evidence that it is happening due to man. A recent report shows that it is the Sun that is hotter. Nothing can be done about that. Can we discuss the “dire consequences?” Sure, but to what end? Can anything be done? Nope. Not if the Sun is behind global warming, which, again, has no proof of it’s existence. Well, actually, there is one route we could take. Nuclear Winter. See Iran and North Korea for delivery. Iraq’s distribution capability was a casualty of market forces.

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