Daily Archives: August 23, 2004

Updated FLSA regs

Do the new OT rules hurt? That is the question. The answer is, of course, vague. Let’s look at a few key points. (Here is the full document) 1. A person has to be on hourly wages 2. The salary is at less the $455 a week, or $23,660 a year 3. The person is […]

Kerry’s rilliant move

Now Bob Dole is involved in taking Kerry to task. True war hero Bob Dole. The one who’s arm was disabled during WWII, due to enemy action. A quick Yahoo News search of “Bob Dole” brought back 933 hits. While I am sure not all of them are about news sources printing the same story, […]

Double voting

The NY Daily News has a an article regarding possible voter fraud in NY City and Florida. That’s that same state which the lefties have continued to complain about for almost 4 years now, though they fixed the problems how? Oh, yes, they waited till summer 2004 to complain, then petitioned the UN. What was […]

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