Daily Archives: August 20, 2004

The Left doesn’t think

With the Kerry camp filing protests against the Swift Boat Vets, and the Left wing orgs calling on their sheeple to write ot book sellers, might this not backfire on them, by calling more attention to what the SBV’s are saying? Standard left wing, act before thinking. The media will cover this issue even more, […]

Where the Bullet Holes?

Captain Ed has a great article on Kerry’s after action report. I grew up at the Shore in NJ, and, it is rather hard to move when the propellers are toast. And like he says, “where’s the bullet holes?” Even incompetent shooters would have been able to at least score one hit on PCF-94. Here […]

This bothers me: Church Says Girl’s Communion Not Valid: Catholic Church Invalidates Communion of Girl With Digestive Disorder Because Wafer Lacked Wheat BRIELLE, N.J. Aug. 19, 2004 — An 8-year-old girl who suffers from a rare digestive disorder and cannot eat wheat has had her first Holy Communion declared invalid because the wafer contained no […]

John Kerry on Vietnam in politics

Jan 30, 1992″ (in regards to the Clinton presidential campaign)” I am saddened by the fact that Vietnam has yet again been inserted into the campaign, and that it has been inserted in what I feel to be the worst possible way. By that I mean that yesterday, during this Presidential campaign, and even throughout […]

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