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Most of us know the wonderful work that ScrappleFace has done through the years. Wonderful, cut to bone, no holds barred satire. Every once in a while, they really, really, really, hit on something.

Kerry: Celebrities at Risk if Bush Reelected

(2004-08-28) — Democrat presidential candidate John Forbes Kerry today warned that America faces “a celebrity exhaustion crisis” if President George Bush wins reelection in November.

“It’s just another example of how this administration fails to care for the ordinary, needy people of this great country,” said Mr. Kerry, a Vietnam veteran who is also a U.S. Senator. “Many celebrities–actors, musicians, comedians–already teeter on the brink of fatigue as they attend a plethora of Democrat fundraisers and anti-Bush protest events, and appear on TV news shows as political experts.”

The bold was my own, and illustrates something I have mentioned before: people rarely refer to Kerry as a Senator. Think about it the next time you watch tv, listen to the radio, or read an article. He is usually referred to as “Senator Kerry” when someone is going to slam him on his Senatorial service. Peruse the Democratic Underground, and see how often he is referred to as “Senator.” ANd the first time he is referred to as the “Honorable Senator John Kerry,” other then on US government websites, will be the first.

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