Dog spelled backwards is God

An oldy but a goody:

Why did God make dogs? I don’t think it was accidental. Certainly there are exceptions, and certainly people can breed dogs to bring out the worst in them, but in general there is nothing more selfless, loving or patient than a dog. Mistreat it and it comes back to you anyway. Ignore it and it never gives up hope that you will be its friend again. Make it wait days to go play and it will be ready. It offers you friendship and companionship and in return asks only for food, water and an occasional scratch behind the ears.

Why would God bother to make such a creature? I suppose that if dogs were like people they would eventually give up on us… but they never do. A dog’s love is almost impossible to destroy, because it’s not a love you earn — it’s simply a love you are given. In other words, dogs love unconditionally. Unconditionallove, unending patience, with faithfulness to the very end.

Do you suppose, just perhaps, that God made dogs to show us a little something about Himself? Do you think maybe “man’s best friend” is really pointing us to the One who is truly our very best friend?

You could learn a lot from a dog. Dog spelled backward is “God.”

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2 Responses to “Dog spelled backwards is God”

  1. Dennis says:

    good one ! I love God & Dogs too. I have 3 micro-dawgs: 2 chihuahuas & a min-pin.


  2. robyn says:

    Probably one of the most trueful things ever spoken!!

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