Will the French Get it?

So we now have 2 French journalists held by terrorists in Iraq, who want France to end its ban on head scarves for Muslim women in France. So much for France staying out of the fight against the terrorists.

The Islamic Army in Iraq, which last week said it killed Italian journalist Enzo Baldoni, on Saturday gave Paris 48 hours to rescind the headscarf ban, without saying what would happen if it does not.

Will the French get it now, that the Islamofascist terrorists do not care that France has stayed out of the Iraq war, and have in fact condemned the war, that they only want the world to do as they say? Will other countries get it? How about the Left in the USA? The Islamic terrorists simply want the world to change to their way of thinking. Period.

Terrorism is done for political reasons. The islamofascists want the world to become Islamic. That is their ultimate goal. And now France is in their crosshairs. If either, or both, of the French journalists are killed, will we see a drastic about face in the attitudes of the French? They cannot blame this on President Bush. This is about French policies. France may not have much of an army, and we might make fun of them (I know I have), but the DGSE is a world class operation, and is not afraid to get down and dirty. We will have to wait and see.

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