French getting it? part 2

So France has said nope, we are not doing away with their ban on Muslim head scarves in public schools. I applaud them for standing up to the Islamofascist terrorists.

The French government has said it will not revoke a law banning Muslim headscarves in public schools, despite demands by a militant Islamic group holding two French journalists hostage in Iraq.

“The law will be applied,” spokesman Jean-Francois Cope told Canal Plus television Monday.

Will this all but condemn the two French journalists to death? That remains to be seen, as the deadline approaches.

French Muslims have protested against a law that takes effect when school starts this week that bars students from wearing anything that would signify their religious affiliation, including large crosses or Jewish skullcaps.

But Fatiha Ajbli of the Union of Islamic Organizations said it was “out of the question” for the headscarf issue to be “a pretext for criminal comportment.”

It is a shame that there aren’t more outspoken Muslim leaders like Ajbli, who call for resolving differences in peaceful ways.

Despite this being a very serious issue, I cannot ignore this: “France is the country of the French revolution, of human rights,” said de Villepin. Does anyone else think that some other country is the country of the French Revolution?

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