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Diana West over at Townhall takes some well deserved shots at John Kerry, and informs us of what Kerry did on Sept 11th.

As an article in The Washington Times points out, Mr. Kerry’s reaction to the attacks of Sept. 11 wasn’t exactly the stuff of the Minutemen. Mr. Kerry told “Larry King Live” that on the morning of Sept. 11 nearly three years ago, he “sat stunned and unable to think for more than 30 minutes in the Capitol until he and other senators were whisked out of the building to safety,” the Times reports. “By that time, Mr. Bush already had addressed the nation, vowed to capture those responsible and begun discussions with Vice President Dick Cheney and other top aides about whether to shoot down any civilian aircraft violating the administration’s order that all planes be grounded.” And finished reading “My Pet Goat.”

The Lefts complete misunderstanding of the events at that school are utterly ludicrous. Had the Secret Service felt that President Bush was in danger, they would have had him out of that school toot sweet. Whether he wanted to go or not. He stayed calm, and let his people do their thing. ANd didn’t scare the kids out of thei minds by leaving. Somehow, I do not think those kids would have understood Kerry leaving.

And, in comparison, she writes:

No wonder my mother was a little breathless on the telephone. “Listen to this,” she said, preparing me for a snippet from a tome by the popular, late and liberal historian William Manchester. It describes Franklin D. Roosevelt’s initial reaction to news of the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, that devastated the American fleet, killing 2,403 soldiers, sailors and civilians.

After calling the secretary of state, Manchester writes, “the President of the United States did nothing for 18 minutes.”

No explanation needed. Unless you are from the left.

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