USA Basketball-Where’s the Pride

Great job, guys. 3rd loss and you are out. No offense to Argentina, but for Team USA to loose 89-81 is pathetic. Now they get to play Lithuania for the Bronze. And I wouldn’t bet against Lithuania. USA Basketball gets taken to task here and here and here

And ESPN’s Page 2 has a pretty ridiculous article saying that people want Team USA Basketball to loose because they are mostly black. Ludicrous. Comical. Farcical. Preposterous.

Maybe there are some people who feel that way. If you phrase a question in a certain way, you get a certain answer. The NBA has been loosing it’s middle class support for years. You have the very definition of pampered atheletes, who walk around with prison yard tattoos, talk and play themselves up, act in poor manners, and mug for the cameras. They wander with their posses. They act in gangsta ways. It is all about me, me, me. I have never been a big basketball fan, but the current state of affairs will have me turning on WE (Womens Entertainment) or the Soap Channel before watching an NBA game. It is all attitude, and this encompases players both black and white. Sure, there are some good ones, like Tim Duncan. Both most seem to be going the bad way. And the NBA will continue to slowly loose its fan base.

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