Media Reality Check

Good luck with that. The Media Research Center has a challenge for the media: be fair and balanced. Here is the PDF of their proposal.

1. Avoid talk of President Bush’s record as Texas Governor and as President.

Seem silly? The media avoided Kerry’s record as a Senator. I wonder how many people who watched his speech knew he was a Senator. His quick blurb about serving in the Senate surely left some people confused.

2. Avoid talk of factual flaws or political flaws in the speeches

Yup. Fox was the only one who really analyzed Kerry and Edwards speeches. Little was said in the papers, web, or in TV, except by rightwing assets.

3. Avoid negative coverage of GWB’s Vietnam-era service.

Did anyone mention Kerry’s protest leadership (other then Fox?) And the fact that he hadn’t been discharged from the Navy while doing that?

5. Avoid talk of September 11 political exploitation

Good luck with that. Any reference by the GOP to 9/11 will cause the lefty networks to “seethe.”

Check out the rest and the analysis by the Media Research Center.

Will it happen? No way. The leftwing media will work themselves into a fine froth over everything. They will certainly spend most of their time attacking the GOP, trotting up super-liberal folks to refute anything said by any GOP speaker.

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