Weekes gone

The Carolina Hurricanes say goodbye to Kevin Weekes, who has left for the bluer pastures of MSG and the Rangers. Good luck with that. That should go well. The ‘Canes have the ability to go up. The Rangers have nohwere to go but up, but will not be happening anytime soon. Let me stop there, before I get on a Rangers rant (can you tell I am a Devils fan?)

This is actually a good thing for the Hurricanes. Kevin Weekes is good, but he is NOT a career starting goaltender. He is a very good backup, and the kind of guy who can be thrown in if the starter goes down. The Canes now have a choice of signing Jamie Storr, who is unrestricted, to be the #1. They can give Irbe another shot. Or they can look on the market. Many NHL teams have guys playing in the minors who can be starters, but cannot get the shot because of entrenched starters. The Devils have several guys. Why do I care if I am a Devils fan? Living in Raleigh, I go to about 10-15 Canes games a year. I want to see them win. I want to see the “home” team make the playoffs. As long as they don’t interfere with my Devs.

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