BidenFail: Admin Has Only Built 7 Or 8 EV Charging Stations

How much money was in the partisan “Inflation Reduction Act”?

Buttigieg Can’t Explain Why Biden Has Only Built ‘Seven or Eight’ EV Charging Stations

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg struggled Sunday on CBS’ Face the Nation to explain why the Biden administration has only manged to build “seven or eight” electric vehicle (EV) charging stations thus far.

As Breitbart News has noted, while the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 allocated $7.5 billion for EV stations, as part of building a national EV charging infrastructure, no EV charging stations had been built by the end of 2023.

$7.5 billion. Yup. Insanely, it can cost several hundred thousand dollars per level 3 charger installed. And, for those who say “well, it can take years”, I watched them put at least 5 Tesla chargers up over in Knightdale near the Lowe’s Foods in a matter of a few months. And, being government backed, I bet the costs skyrocket to at least $300k per Level 3 charger. Level 1 and 2 are less costly, of course.

Only about seven or eight had been built under the program by April — while the fossil fuel industry has been cashing in by lobbying to have the stations built at existing gas stations.

Places like Sheetz get in on that sweet federal money, since, people can sit down and eat while waiting.

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10 Responses to “BidenFail: Admin Has Only Built 7 Or 8 EV Charging Stations”

  1. Doom and Gloom says:

    The Unions need their palms greased.

    Then there is the state officials that need under the table money.

    Then County officials that need their money,.

    Then local officials who need their money.

    Then the contractor has to invent ways to inflate the cost, shoving tons of money in their pockets.

    And of course all of this needs to be run by the MAFIA CRIME FAMILY that makes sure the “BIG GUY” gets his 10 percent.

    All in all, seven chargers and seven billion dollars sounds about right. It will cost trillions of dollars to build millions of chargers with 10’s of thousands of new multi-millionaires showing up on the RADAR in the next coming 2 decades.

    The US government, from federal to your local sheriff, is the most corrupt government on the planet that no one talks about. That is why I have not been a Republican since we invaded IRAQ. I was hopeful that Afghanistan would be an in-and-out payback. Silly me. What was I thinking?

  2. James Lewis says:

    Can anyone tell me how many gasoline service stations were built by the feds?


    Yeah. That’s what I thought.

  3. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host wrote:

    Places like Sheetz get in on that sweet federal money, since, people can sit down and eat while waiting.

    Sheetz? They’ll get better coffee at Wawa!

    The Philadelphia Inquirer noted, in “Electric vehicle drivers can soon get a Shorti and a charge-up at some Wawas: The federal infrastructure law allocates $7.5 billion for new public charging stations for electric vehicles. Pennsylvania expects $171 million,” last August:

    The companies said one of their main goals was to qualify for federal subsidies for charging infrastructure.


  4. H says:

    Mr Teach
    Any plans to review that new Honda Prologue, Hondas flagship?
    Honda is claiming 0 to 60 in only 4 seconds and 99mpg EPA ratings.

    Teach have you ever personally driven a car as fast as that?
    Will Sheila let you try one ?

    • CarolAnn says:

      Why would anybody need to go from zero to 60 in four seconds? Have you ever personally driven a car that fast? Will your mother let you try one?

      In case you haven’t noticed nobody cares how fast the EV’s are off the line. They care about taking an hour to charge. So after taking an hour to charge up your EV you can go from zero to 60 at 4 seconds. SO you’ll only be 59 minutes and 56 seconds late for your appointment. LOL only a moron buys an electric car.

  5. H says:

    “while it can cost several hundred thousand to install a level 3 charger….”
    Teach don’t you think that it would be better to report what the average cost to install might be?
    Convenience store news 1/31/2024
    Angela Hanson

    The money allocated was not due to be released until 2024

    The average cost runs 12000 to 50000.
    In the last 6 months of 2023 1100 were installed. There is now 1 quick charge electric station for every 16 gas stations
    Of course the article does state that MOST eEV owners charge their cars overnight at their homes
    Jan 31 2023
    Kyle Stock

    Teach the money was not scheduled to be released until 2024 according to Bloomberg

    Breitbart!!! Hosed you again
    Hosed you again

  6. CarolAnn says:

    According to xmap’s essential Geo spatial insight into USA’s gas stations the statistic is there are approximately 196,643. And that’s retail gas locations only. In the last six months of 2023 about 900 were installed and approximately 300 are operating correctly.

    The fallacy that most EV operators charge their cars at home overnight is just that a fallacy. One of the new lies constantly repeated in an attempt by the left to make it the truth. In fact most EV drivers live in the city and have no place to charge their vehicles overnight. Since it costs around $2000 to install an EV charger in your home why would it cost between 12,000 and 50,000 to install one at the corner of broad and spruce St. in Philadelphia? We all know the answer: because the difference between $2000 thousand and $50,000 is how much the government stealing and giving out to left wing communist supported NGO’s. It costs a lot to buy tents and signs for protesters.

    And Bloomberg is wrong the allocation was made for 2023. But that’s OK everybody but leftist is wrong once in a while

  7. unklc says:

    Level 3 chargers are expensive to install and as with most new tech, require maintenance. More expense. The government should stay out of the EV business, let the market decide when, where, and which EV’s to adopt, if any.
    For those considering an EV, assuming you have an available 50 amp [clothes dryer] outlet near where you would park your EV, you can acquire a level 2 charger for $200~600+ (source: Amazon). Of course, a level 2 charger may not provide a complete charge overnight, depending on your use. Another consideration, that level 2 charger may be drawing 35~50 amps for 6 to 10 hours. With Brandon’s increase in sparktricity rates, you should calculate, based on your rate structure, what this is going to cost, besides the additional insurance and electrical plumbing.

  8. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Breitbart “News” as William Teach’s primary news source! LOL.

    Another Big Lie the nuCons tell themselves is that the “legitimate” media is as biased and dishonest as their “conservative” media. In other words, that Reuters is as unreliable as the Gateway Pudendum, one of William Teach’s favorite sources.

    Hi CarolAnn,

    The difference in cost between a level 3 charger and level 2 (home) charger has to do with speed of charging and the infrastructure needed.

    Level 3 can charge a depleted battery in 30 min or so, and a level 2 overnight.

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