Alabama Sues Over California’s Power Plan

Alabama figures if the People’s Republik Of California wants to destroy their power production, fine, but, it shouldn’t affect other states, including when states, counties, and towns which haven’t given up their own use of fossil fuels sue national and international fossil fuels companies (non-paywalled here)

Alabama Sues to Stop California’s Climate-Change Power Grab

Justice Louis Brandeis described states as laboratories of democracy that “can try novel social and economic experiments without risk to the rest of the country.” But what happens when a state tries to experiment on its neighbors? That’s the question presented to the U.S. Supreme Court in Alabama v. California, a case filed this week by 19 states challenging the attempts of California, Connecticut, Minnesota, New Jersey and Rhode Island to regulate out-of-state carbon emissions under the guise of state tort and consumer-protection lawsuits.

This blue-state experiment arises from policy makers’ frustrations with the national democratic process. Oil and gas account for two-thirds of U.S. primary energy consumption; they are critical to economic prosperity and geopolitical power. Despite decades of effort, progressive climate activists haven’t persuaded Congress to ban fossil fuels.

In recent years, certain blue states have tried a different approach. They now assert that regulating emissions from oil and gas use isn’t a federal matter but a state-law issue for their own courts to decide. Under the pretext of “climate nuisance” and deceptive marketing claims, these states have sought to impose a de facto carbon tax on the American oil and gas industry, potentially creating trillions of dollars in supposed liability.

This strategy—backed by a powerful, activist-funded influence operation aimed at judges—has a serious constitutional problem. While the Constitution preserves an expansive realm of state sovereignty, that authority ends at each state’s borders. Alabama doesn’t get to say what law applies in California, and Hawaii can’t regulate conduct in Indiana. Only the federal government can do that, and only when acting within the Constitution’s limited delegations of power. State climate suits violate this arrangement because they claim authority to regulate out-of-state emissions, which would effectively make a small cadre of blue states a junior-varsity federal government, unchecked by voters.

Hmm, that is an interesting, and a wholely Constitutional take. We have a system of Federalism, and states can do things but cannot force it on other states. If the PRC wants to do ‘climate change’ things, have at it. The results shouldn’t infringe on the other states, and that far left wing judges can’t rule on state lawsuits and make them affect other states.

But, it’s not just Alabama

Republican AGs ask Supreme Court to block climate change lawsuits brought by several states

Republican attorneys general in 19 states have asked the U.S. Supreme Court to block several Democratic-led states from pursuing climate change lawsuits against the oil and gas industry in their own state courts.

The unusual request comes as dozens of states and local governments have filed lawsuits alleging that fossil fuel companies deceived the public about the risks of their products contributing to climate change. The lawsuits claim billions of dollars of damage from such things as severe storms, wildfires and rising sea levels.

The Republican action specifically seeks to stop lawsuits brought by California, Connecticut, Minnesota, New Jersey and Rhode Island, though lawsuits also have been filed by other states, tribes, counties and cities.

The GOP attorneys contend only the federal government can regulate interstate gas emissions, and states have no power to apply their own laws to a global atmosphere that reaches well beyond their borders. The court filing also contends the climate-related lawsuits could drive up energy costs in other states, including for electricity generated from natural gas.

“They do not have authority to dictate our national energy policy,” Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall said in statement Thursday announcing the 19-state lawsuit. “If the Supreme Court lets them continue, California and its allies will imperil access to affordable energy for every American.”

If the PRC and the other states are upset over fossil fuels, ban them in their own states. Stop using them at the state level. Lawsuits are just shady shakedowns.

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13 Responses to “Alabama Sues Over California’s Power Plan”

  1. Doom and Gloom says:

    Legislate, Litigate, Regulate. It is the Tripod upon which the left/Democrats have governed for 200 years in this country.

    One thing I will give to the left. They are dedicated. The only thing the GOP is dedicated to is seeing how much they can possibly FUCK up the lives of their voters for MONEY. The GOP does not care about its voters, and the only ones that had the backbone to stand on principles were beaten into the GROUND.

    Does anyone remember the movement stirred up by Obamacare and how it was passed? You know. THE TEA PARTY. GONE. Many of those leaders were taken to court. We will FF’ing show anyone who dares stand against the de-facto deep state in this country.

    Now it’s MAGA. How many people in Congress vote with the MAGA movement? About 70 or so. The GOP has no backbone and no clear leadership except Trump, and most people try to keep him at arm’s length. Because?

    Well, you know how it works for the left? If you like TRUMP, they will take you to court and put you in jail. Fascism at its finest when we look at the economy of this nation now. Just look at the lawyers who tried to defend Trump in GA.

    Anyone see the clip of Marjorie Taylor Greene poking fun at AOC for her eyelashes fluttering as she spoke in committee. The left went apoplectic over that, even holding press conferences afterward. Yet, they call the MAGA people on their committees horrible names and accuse them of treason to ZERO response by the GOP in general.

    RIP right. It’s been swell, but after 2024, there will no longer be a two-party system. The left now cheats right out in open and no one even cares. Certainly not a press that was brainwashed in colleges filled with communist professors.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      I cannot of think of that D&G. Have a great Memorial Day weekend. I’m gonna sit in my pool with my girls and convalesce. Maybe just get a tad drunk period

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Commenter: Anyone see the clip of Marjorie Taylor Greene poking fun at AOC for her eyelashes fluttering as she spoke in committee.

      Greene was actually mocking Representative Crockett (D-TX), a Black woman and her false eyelashes, not Rep Ocasio-Cortez. Rep Crockett bitch-slapped Greene by asking the Chairperson that if the remark regarding her eyelashes was not stricken from the record, how about referring to Greene as a “bleach-blond, bad build, butch body”. If the mannnish Greene don’t start nuthin’ won’t be nuthin’. It was hilarious.

      Commenter: The left now cheats right out in open

      From Big Donnie‘s lips to his devotees’ hearts.

      Most of the “united Reich’s” beliefs are false.

      • L'Roy White says:

        I thought the whole to do between MTG and AOC perfectly encapsulated the stupidity that Congress has become. Adults acting like that? They’re supposed to be our representatives.

        You don’t think kangaroo courts and lawfare against candidates is cheating right out in the open?

        Are you making up new stupid names again? What on earth is the “united Reich”.

        Did you put up your red flag for the Memorial Day weekend in remembrance of all those comrade patriots who died trying to turn America into a communist shithole?

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          Hi Mr White,

          Hope all is well! Mr Trump (aka Felonious-T) sent out an ad the other day that promised a “united Reich”, so you need to ask him.

          No. I do not consider the cases against Mr Trump to be cheating out in the open.

          I don’t have a red flag and have never supported communists or communism. There are only 5 nations that are still communist, China, North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam and Laos. The Chinese government, while a dictatorship, is turning more capitalistic every year. A former US president was “in love” with the leaders of China and North Korea.

          Are you sure you know what “communism” means?

          Have a pleasant weekend.

      • Dave Huff says:

        Spoken like a true leftist, comrade…

        • L'Roy White says:

          If you think I’m a leftist Dave off that you don’t come here often enough. I’m the only black conservative here. I haven’t even been a Democrat for 15 years. And the Republican Party has become so compromised that I’m not even registered republican any longer I’m independent.

          • drowningpuppies says:

            It appears the commentor, Dave Huff, was aiming at the troll Karen (aka Rimjob).

      • Jl says:

        It was pretty funny-MTG held up a shredded portion of a tire that looked almost exactly like Crockett’s eye lashes (but not quite as big…)

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          It was pretty funny – Crockett held up a picture of a “female” East German swimmer that looked almost exactly like Marjorie Tater Greene (but not nearly as “butch”…).

      • Doom and Gloom says:

        how about referring to Greene as a “bleach-blond, bad build, butch body”. If the mannnish Greene don’t start nuthin’ won’t be nuthin’. It was hilarious.

        So her response to having her eyelashes made fun of was to get all up in MTG’s face with RACIAL and HOMOPHOBIC SLURS….as in BUTCH BODY is always referred to as the male version of a lesbian.

        Dowd and et al. know that if MTG said what Crockett said, it would be front-page news for decades. This drives home my entire point about the right and the left and the two tiers of political genocide in this country.

        the left want to genocide the opposition and the right wants to genocide their OWN VOTERS. Somehow MAGA has become synonymous with EVIL because the MSM prints that daily a 1000 times and repeats it 10,000 times and after 9 years of MAGA>EVIL….well hell even my conservative daughter who voted for Trump and used to like him is now calling him an embarrassment.

        This is why Trump is going down. He held a rally in the Bronx. About 8-25 thousand people showed up. People on the ground put it at 25k, and the leftist, Trump-hating Police said it was more like 8k. Who knows anymore?

        But one right political pundit said something that simply reinforces my thoughts on the 2024 election time. Yeah, it’s nice to see 8 or 25k people show up for a Trump rally, but Trump isn’t winning NY, the Bronx, or the USA because now the POLLING, as everything gets even worse, shows Trump and Biden tied.

        TIED? LOLOLOL……standby for C H E A T I N G on a scale never before S E E N. We will see it but every judge in the country will do the same song and dance with a DEMOCRATIC GUN TO THEIR HEAD.

        SEE Justice ALITO having signs hung up threatening him.

        We are just a few years from civil war. Driven to insanity by a million bad actors around the world who want nothing more than the demise of the USA and as I have been predicting since roughly the 2000 election……THE INTERNET IS THE 666 of our world.

        Countries are burning all around the globe, and if there are no bombs dropping, then Lockheed Martin and associates are pumping millions more into pockets around the globe to make sure those bombs keep dropping!!!!

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          Since the elections are rigged and therefore meaningless, and all rigged to reward the Democrats, the only way for Republicuns to fight back, is to… fight back. There needs to be a nationwide Jan 6 “protest”, except this time, don’t take “no” for the answer – peaceful protest is not effective.

          You all know that Donald Trump is the legitimate President. He tells you every day. He now share that Biden tried to have him executed by the FBI!!

          If Mr Trump “loses” in 2024, you need to storm DC but this time dragging Biden out of the White House and putting President Trump in his rightful place.

          If our elections cannot be trusted, it’s time for the Patriots to act. There is no other choice, is there? Whining and typing hasn’t worked.

  2. Doom and Gloom says:

    The point still remains.

    The left held press conferences afterward, trashing Greene and the right.

    The GOP slinked off to the mens room and high fived each other after looking at their overseas bank statements and laughed at MTG’s bitch slapping from the entire left all the way to the burbs of Seattle. Meanwhile, the Right just hunkers down and points to polls and says just you wait.

    LOLOLOL. Yeah, just wait. This time, there will be videos of dump trucks dropping off ballots in GA, PA, and WI, and anyone who mentions this will be Clinton’ed.

    The GOP is trash. It is WHY MAGA even exists. 20 years ago, Trump never would have gotten past the first debate. Today, he is a beacon to the depressed right who cannot fathom what has happened to the beliefs they thought they were sending people to DC to propagate.

    The speaker of the house is even now dancing in the streets over Ukraine money while the entire GOP base is staring dumbfounded at the TV screen. MTG tries to remove him and the Democrats vote to keep him around. A USEFUL TOOL FOR THE LEFT…..chickenshits!

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