Almost Half Of Americans Have Been Turned Into Climate Doomers

There’s “we believe anthropogenic climate change is bad” and then there’s this

Almost Half of Americans Believe Climate Change Will Devastate The Planet In Their Lifetime

Half of Americans believe climate change will devastate the earth during their lifetime, according to new research.

The survey of 5,000 Americans, split evenly by state, revealed that 48% of all respondents believe they’ll live to see climate change destroy the planet.

Respondents in Hawaii were the most likely to agree (66%), with Vermont (59%) and New Mexico (56%) rounding out the top three states most concerned about the effect of climate change in their lifetime.

Washington (55%) and Minnesota (54%) were fourth and fifth, respectively.

Commissioned by Avocado Green Mattress and conducted by Talker Research, the survey also asked respondents if they believe climate change will have a greater impact on their state, versus other states.

The hallmarks of a doomsday cult which has infiltrated schools and the news media to spread their propaganda. Their is a short video at most outlets covering this, not something I can embed.

Regardless of where they live, 65% of respondents wish they could do more to be environmentally conscious in their day-to-day lives.

Um, they can. Give up their own use of fossil fuels, give up meat, etc and so on, as I’ve written numerous times. This is the bottom 5 states

  • 46. Wyoming — 41%
  • 47. Oklahoma — 40%
  • 48. North Carolina — 38%
  • 49. Missouri — 37%
  • 50. Indiana — 36%

So, even in Indiana 36% are batshit insane. Of course, they only surveyed 100 people per state, so, not very representative. And, as much as I’ve looked, there is no link to this poll anywhere, so, for all we know, they could be polling people in deep Democrat areas primarily. We do not know. We do know that there are lots and lots of wackos out there.

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9 Responses to “Almost Half Of Americans Have Been Turned Into Climate Doomers”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    Half of Americans believe…

    Yes, but it’s a skin deep believe. No one is going to the cross over climate change. It’s like “Believing” in evolution. There are no consequences for being wrong and it has zero impact on how you live your life.

    When you start demanding that they pay extra for everything, their answer changes because then there are consequences.

    Cue H to tell us paying extra is cheap and we should all be happy to do it, even though paying extra does nothing to reduce carbon or stabilize the climate.

  2. Dana says:

    Fortunately, it’s far, far, far down on their lists of concerns.

  3. MrLiberty says:

    While the real Doom will be economic.

  4. SR says:

    Marco Rubio shows how it’s done – Sen. Rubio on “Meet the Press” – Full Video

  5. H says:

    Over the last 25 years, since renewable energy has been increasing, residential electricity prices have increased an average of 2% per year. You may if you wish choose to blame that increase in renewables, but remember only 1/3 of

    Electric use in the South is much higher than in the Northeast. your bill goes to pay for generation, 2/3s goes for transmission and, overhead and if course profits. People in the South, who are poorer, also have to use more kwh.
    In the USA individual carbon emissions have gone down a lot as card and appliances have become more efficient. Yes

  6. H says:

    The richer blue states with higher incomes of course, are less bothered by the economic distress that the red states are feeling .
    And climate change certainly isn’t making it better for the South. That 125% increase in FL residential property insurance is really hard on them
    The average property insurance in FL has now reached 11k per year !! Electric transmissions costs are going up because of extreme weather. Generation costs are flat

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Poor johnnie boy, you really should put down the hookah and try to keep up.

      Massachusetts risks losing $1B as wealthy flee for lower-tax states
      Migration out of Massachusetts rising at an ‘alarming’ pace

      Bwaha! Lolgf

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      You do realize I live in Florida don’t you? It’s not there is nothing I can point out in Florida over my lifetime here that has changed regarding anything to do with climate change. We still have good weather in bed, we still have sunny beautiful days and hurricanes, we still have heat waves and cool waves. Just like all my life and just like all history recorded before.

      Florida property insurance has not increased 125% unless you’re gonna take it back to 1932. I’ve owned my house for 10 years my property insurance has gone up$400.00 a year in that period of time. My property taxes have gone up about the same. And most of those optics were in the last year because of the destroyed economy of Biden.

      You’re saying the average property insurance has reached $11,000 a year well that’s a lie. Property insurance is based on many things but mostly the value of the house and it’s exposure to claims. It is true that the price of houses has gone up in Florida and are continuing to go up even as they go down in other states. And I assumed that’s why my property insurance and my taxes have slightly increased. But just like everywhere else in the world my insurance has gone up and I have not made a claim and I have not done anything new to my home that would cause it to go up in cost.

      Electric transmission costs are going up because of the unprecedented demand put electricity caused by the crazy policies of bidennomics. Extreme weather has nothing to do with it. Extreme weather is neither extreme enough nor on continued basis enough to cause that to go up all over. I don’t know if generation costs are flat or not but if you say they are they probably aren’t.

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