Climate Wackos Glue Themselves To Munich Airport Taxiway

They totally wimped out in not gluing themselves to a runway

Climate Crazies Glue Themselves to Munich Airport Runway

German authorities closed down Munich airport temporarily on Saturday after six climate activists broke through a security fence and glued themselves to access routes leading to runways, officials and local media reported.

The activists from the group Last Generation were protesting flying, the most polluting form of transportation, said the German news agency dpa.

Police have detained the six.

Incoming flights had to be diverted to other airports, an airport spokesperson said. After a couple of hours, the airport’s two runways were reopened though some disruptions to flight schedules may happen, a statement on the airport´s official website said.

Last Generation posted on social media platform X, accusing the German government of “downplaying” the negative effects of flying on the environment instead of “finally acting sincerely.”

Well, they need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Maybe let a large jet cruise over them, freak them out. Of course, no one wants to take a chance that the expensive jet will be damaged. Make the climate wackos repay the costs for the delays.

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5 Responses to “Climate Wackos Glue Themselves To Munich Airport Taxiway”

  1. Brother John says:

    Why cancel flights? Turn these people into the greasy smears they deserve to be.

    • ruralcounsel says:

      Yes. Just pretend they aren’t there. Apparently, they were just despondent and wanted to commit suicide. European standard medical care allows for that, right?

  2. Doom and Gloom says:

    The NIH finally admitted under oath that YES, Indeed. They were financing Gain of Function research at the WUHAN LAB in CHINA where the pandemic started.

    THIS after dozens of officials including and primarily Anthony Faucci said NO…not only NO but hell NO the NIH was not financing Gain of Function In Wuhan. Not only that but the Pandemic started a mile or two away from a PLACE that was making COVID-19.

    We all understand. The US government never could be trusted. Even less so today since it now owns the PRESS which at one time at least attempted to keep them honest, if not forcing them into secrecy.

    I remember a guy a long time ago saying the US would just send prisoners of the Middle East wars to Bulgaria or Hungary and have them interrogated there. I laughed cause at that time I had some trust in the US government to be honest and fair with its citizens.

    Turns out they were INDEED sending prisoners to Hungary for interrogation.

    The things we do for love. The things our government does for????? One must ask a simple question. Who benefits if the government does X?

    A couple days ago I saw a report that the US 101st airborne division(actually it is Airmobile now) was setting up shop in Odessa along with the French.

    Not true but why would this rumor get started? Who has something to gain? This rumor came amidst the fact that PUTIN was suddenly rushed to the Kremlin in the Middle of the NIGHT.

    Europe is begging for a war. Why? They have been starved of Natural GAS and their citizens are freezing. The economy is in tatters. Inflation is high, amidst a poor economy. A war would certainly do them good.

    Someone is convinced that if Russia loses the war that Putin, who risks being HUNG if the EU gets their hands on him, would not use at least Tactical Nukes in said war. By winning the war and ejecting PUTIN we get an IRAQ situation(Saddam Hussein defeated and captured and HUNG) where Russia has to give them their natural gas etc…etc.

    Wow. As the USA attempts to get rid of fossil Fuels the EU is willing to fight a war against Russia to get them back for their nations. Fossil Fuels equals POWER.

    UK, France, SWEDEN, FINLAND and Germany have turned their economies into WARTIME economies for a reason. They are at war with Russia. Poland and Hungary have had an influx of NATO Troops from the USA and other countries and France is openly speaking of going to war with Russia.

    Who has something to gain? A war would almost ensure Bidens reelection, simply because the public would be so focused on the war they would miss how much cheating the Dems are doing during the election.

    Who has the most to gain? Ask yourself that the next time you see something that makes no sense. It does make sense. To SOMEONE!!

  3. Dana says:

    I’m just surprised that they haven’t attempted to disrupt the Giro d’Italia the same way, though I’d guess that the Carabinieri might not be as delicate in removing them from the road.

    The Giro is one of the three Grand Tour bicycle races in Europe, and brings a lot of positive publicity for Italy in Europe, though far fewer Americans pay attention to cycling.

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