Yahoo Finance Seems Upset That You Peasants Have An Issue With Biden’s Great Economy

Seriously, you peons have to just ignore the prices you see at the gas station, grocery stores, restaurants, car dealerships, clothes stores, homes/renting, interest rates, etc and so on. It’s all fake, you know, and Biden has been hooking you up

Why Americans are feeling bad about inflation despite a good economy

BidenflationAmericans despise inflation.

It’s a loathing that colors their perception of the economy and their personal finances. And even if the Federal Reserve hits its so-far unmet inflation target of 2%, it won’t be enough to soften that revulsion for most people.

In fact, if it were up to them, Americans would choose no inflation at all.

Those are among the findings from a pair of recent studies exploring how Americans feel about inflation, whether those feelings can change, and what policymakers should make of that sentiment.

The biggest gripe people have about inflation? How it cuts into their standard of living, forcing Americans to adjust their budgets by buying smaller quantities or lower-quality goods.

Um, well, yeah? I’m not thrilled paying $2.25 for a can of soup that cost $1.50 before Biden took office (in fairness, as always, the root cause is China and their coronavirus. Biden’s policies made it worse). Nor a lot more for ice cream. The guitar I bought in 2020 now retails for $100 more than it did then.

Case in point: A record share of Americans say that inflation remains their top financial concern, per a recent Gallup poll. That has weighed down confidence despite robust job growth since the start of 2021 and an unemployment rate that has stayed below 4% for 27 straight months.

Well, yes. Because we have eyes. Meanwhile, the article fails to substantiate the headline that the economy is good

Understanding preferences shows that folks don’t experience inflation in the same way, an important consideration for a central bank trying to keep the economy on solid footing. Even the many measures of inflation vary because they examine different expenditures.

“People with different incomes, as well as those living in different places, are facing very different inflation rates because of the basket of goods they consume or how they finance their purchases. This important variation is not well-captured by our standard measures of average inflation,” Stantcheva wrote.

The rich folks hobknobbing with Biden at expensive fundraisers aren’t bothered by paying a whole lot more for food. The middle and working class are. So, don’t sit there telling us that the economy is good. Inflation in decades past was caused by things outside of government (oil prices, easy home loans, consumer lending). Today inflation is largely caused by government spending. Trouble is higher rates don’t stop politicians spending money. The fed has no power to stop government spending so they are trying to offset government with less consumer to control inflation. Government causes inflation and consumers suffer not only higher prices but higher rates as well.

Our purchasing power is less. And it mostly has to do with government policies. And, I suspect these types of “don’t believe your eyes, the economy is awesome!” article showing up as the election gets closer.

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15 Responses to “Yahoo Finance Seems Upset That You Peasants Have An Issue With Biden’s Great Economy”

  1. James Lewis says:

    Let me see if I understand.

    My purchasing power has dropped around 20% and I have no way to increase it and I am supposed to fill good.

    Okie Dokie.

    Now when’s the election…….

  2. Mr Keebasa says:

    What kind of guitar did you buy?

  3. Doom and Gloom says:

    Prices have escalated. Wages have not.

    We are now paying a super premium for everything that wages have not kept up with.

    The fact that Biden keeps saying he inherited a 9 percent inflation rate is PURE LIES, the likes of which drove Never Trumpers insane.

    Inflation was 1.7 percent the day Biden took office. So the Dems new talking point is that the drivers of 9 percent inflation were in place. That’s really what Joe means.

    Well, if they said that, then it would not be a lie. The drivers were there. It was called a worldwide pandemic, and in order for companies to survive, they had to raise prices artificially to compensate for less consumption.

    Once prices rise dramatically, they have ZERO intentions of lowering them.

    Defenders of Bidenomics fail to grasp this simple concept. Prices are way, way higher than they should be and wages have not kept up. Not to mention those people retired and kids 18-27 are being hit the hardest.

    Yet despite it all. Biden will garner 100 million votes and trounce Trump in 2024. Because? Because every lie coming out of his shit-stinking pie hole is spritzed with perfume and spun into PURE HONEY for the voter by the communist press.

    Therein lies the RUB. The DEMS can steal elections and the press will shout HALLELUJAH!!!!! If TRUMP even complains about the election….well we have seen what that entails.


  4. Bob says:

    …”robust job growth”. Oh hell yes. Everywhere I go I can see – and hear – that “robust job growth:. For example:

    1) – The local McDonalds, which I used to visit often, has had a massive “job growth” for the job seekers from places like Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and 3rd world shitholes that are happily unloading hordes of their most uneducated and untrainable losers in their workforce across our borders. When you walk into the place, you often hear only Spanish being spoken by the crew, and the food quality has gone down the tubes. Ordering from the drive-up is a now a massive challenge in trying to get whoever it is on the other end to understand what you want, since their ability to speak – and understand – conversational English is marginal at best. Nowadays finding a white American working there is rare. I no longer go there. I have noticed an exception: They do hire a few young, white clueless females. They like them.

    -2) I Recently went to a nearby hardware and lumber mega-outlet and discovered that almost the entire staff was non-white foreigners from places like India. I have no clue what the language they were using amongst themselves. At least they (most of them) didn’t smell. (body odor)

    Other medium and large corporate retail outlets in the area are doing the exact same thing… replacing their once experienced and educated American citizen workers who lost their jobs due to the Covid debacle with well…. you figure it out.

    It is my observation that the D.E.I. policy of hiring to replace those millions of lost legal and lawful American workers with whoever the hell they are replacing them with was, is, and will continue to be a disaster for America of epic proportions.

    Remember when the previous President said he would fundamentally change America? Looks like he – and other like-minded conspirators – are right on schedule doing precisely that. I read somewhere on the net the he and his fellow White America-hating cohorts will not be satisfied until we are just another 3rd world hellhole. True or not? We are in the process of finding that out. The consequences of what is being done by these people will be enormous. Perhaps learning conversational Chinese is actually a good idea.

    Your experiences (and op[inions) may vary in the all-new America… the above observations made by me may be local and limited. But watching the news media tells me otherwise. It is beyond obvious that the United States government has been compromised by foreign powers and entities that do NOT have our interests at heart.

    Remember the old saying: Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst? Quit hoping. Prepare.

  5. Carlos the Jackal says:

    Hey, body odor’s one thing; intense curry aroma is something else entirely.

  6. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Yes, the economy is good. GDP/capita is soaring. Unemployment has been under 4% for nearly 20 months. Wages are increasing. Inflation is high, a result of the recovery from the Trump recession. Fed rate hikes have started to slow inflation. The Fed could whip inflation now by raising interest rates to 2o% as they did in the early 1980s which would cause a deep recession with 10.8% unemployment. Recall the Fed cut the rate to 0% to combat the Great Recession which stimulated the economy without inflation. Congress, for political reasons, did not use sufficient government stimulus spending to speed the recovery, so the Great Recession lingered longer than necessary. President Obama was re-elected anyway. Business is optimistic. The stock market is breaking records.

    Fast forward to the Covid-Trump recession. Congress submitted and Trump, then President Biden, signed huuuge recovery bills. Trump approved MORE stimulus dollars than did President Biden!

    Housing has received a double dose of inflation – more demand than supply AND increased mortgage rates. And compare today’s McMansions to the 3-BR ranch homes built after WW2. It’s nearly impossibly difficult for a young couple to find affordable housing.

    Gasoline price are controlled by OPEC, headed by the Saudi leader, Mohammed bin Salman. Currently, the US is the largest producer of crude oil!

    Read the article William Teach links. It doesn’t say what Mr Teach says it says. Above all else, Mr Teach wants Donald Trump elected.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Karen (aka Rimjob) keeps repeating the gimmecrat mantra, “Who are you gonna believe, us or your own lying eyes?”

      Bwaha! Lolgf


    • Brother John says:

      oh just fuck off with your idiotic bullshit already. It’s so goddamn tiresome. If I want to hear from an asshole I’ll fart and still be better off than after having read your predictable stupidity.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      I love how it’s the COVID trump recession. Like trump caused the recession by introducing COVID into the United states when we all know it was that little Democrat Guinea fauci.

      We also love how you state like you’re pointing something out we don’t know that above all else Mr. teach wants Donald Trump elected. Well of course he does the pathetic child rapist and genocidal maniac we have now is no good so all of us went to make sure Trump gets elected. Or we could keep the stagflation under Biden gone and maybe expand from 2 words to three words or possibly a World War kill more people. We know you guys just love killing people so maybe we can get you to vote for trump if we promise you another war.

      But above all else Mr. Dowd wants poopy pants reelected. No matter how many lies he has to tell no matter how many politicians you have to throw in jail no matter how many civilians he has to throw in jail no matter how many constitutional laws he’s gonna break. He’s already destroying the constitution every time he can Supreme Court told him he couldn’t give money to pay off student loans he’s doing it anyhow so we now live under a dictator who decides what he’s gonna do who’s gonna prosecute and it was gonna bankrupt and what businesses are gonna be successful and what people are gonna be put out of business. That’s just your way.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Too pointless; Stopped reading. (TP;SR)

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        I didn’t read past you calling Dr Fauci a “guinea”, a derogatory term for an Italian, like WOP or dago.

        Why would you call Dr Fauci a guinea? His grandparents immigrated from Italy in the 1800s. He may be more American than you! Where do your “people” come from? We assume you’re white based on your bigotry. Real Americans call you southerners peckerwoods, brush apes, crackers, rednecks, hillbillies, trailer trash, white trash, honkie, hick, whity. Your family could be krauts like the Trumps.

        Maybe you’re a dago, WOP, guinea, greaseball yourself. Or maybe a redskin, injun or prairie nigger. A kike, yid or shylock? English (limey), Scottish (scotch), Welsh (sheep fucker), German (nazi, hun, kraut), France (frog), Ireland (mick, tater eater, paddy). You’re not polocks are you? Greek (buttfuckers)? Russkies? Did your “people” cross from Canada, making you a canuck?

        You don’t speak spanish do you????

  7. Dana says:

    Our guitar-pickin’ host wrote:

    The guitar I bought in 2020 now retails for $100 more than it did then.

    This actually illustrates the problem with the official inflation rate: much of it consists of items most people purchase only infrequently. The higher inflation seems to be among the things which people have to purchase frequently.

  8. H says:

    Trump was Faucis boss.
    Trump told us that “everything was under control”
    It really wasn’t he was lying to us
    Covid almost killed Trump, did you forget that Mr Teach?
    Covid was one of the main reasons Mr Trump lost so badly.

    Of course having Italian satellites that can change the totals on voting machines was also a big plus, many Republicans acknowledged that.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Don’t forgot that Venezuela’s dead president Chavez was changing votes too. Recall the bamboo-infused Chinese ballots!! And the Chinese thermostats linking voting machines to the internet.

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