Democrats Overwhelmingly Voted Against Bill That Would Deport Illegals Who Attack Police

No one is actually surprised, are they?

148 Democrats Vote Against Bill to Deport Immigrants Who Attack Police

Americans before illegalsA bill requiring the deportation of immigrants who attack police officers passed the House on Wednesday but not before 148 Democrats voted against it.

The bill passed with a 265-148 vote, with an astonishing number of Democrats opposing it. Fifty-four Democrats crossed the aisle to vote with the Republicans to pass the bill, according to Fox News.

The Detain and Deport Illegal Aliens Who Assault Cops Act (HR7343) was sponsored by Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-NJ), who introduced it as part of the GOP’s efforts to highlight National Police Week.

“There is no reason that an illegal alien who attacks our law enforcement should remain in our country; that shows zero respect for our rule of law or our institutions, and they will not be positive contributors to society,” Van Drew said when he filed the bill.

All the Usual Suspects you’d expect to vote against it, such as The Squad, did. Some of the Dems who did vote for it are not the hardcore left and/or believe in border security, such as Rep. Cueller. Others had to because they have tough election fights coming up in November. Many of those are in border states and states that have been inundated with illegal aliens, particularly in their districts.

The question no is, what does the Senate do? Will Schumer hold a vote on this? Does he simply table it? If the Senate does vote, will enough Democrats vote for it to pass? If so, will Biden sign it?

It’s actually a pretty simply bill which would deport any illegal alien or migrant claiming asylum who attacks any law enforcement officer, as well as fire fighters, school officers, and resource officers.

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7 Responses to “Democrats Overwhelmingly Voted Against Bill That Would Deport Illegals Who Attack Police”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Note too that the Republicun House has repeatedly refused to increase funding for police in general, and specifically for border protection.

    This “bill” allows Los Federales to override local courts, usually a move hated by conservatives!

  2. Brother John says:

    A government that was interested in the welfare of the citizens of the country would first not have let in 15-20 million illegal aliens from all around the world in four years’ time, to say nothing of the tens of millions present before the Brandon regime was installed via ballot box stuffing.

    But putting that aside, being in the country illegally should be an aggravating factor that puts the death penalty in play whenever a crime is committed against an American.

    You kill an American, crash into his car, swipe his wife’s purse, break into his house, spray paint graffiti on his house or the overpass in his town, any or all of the above and we will hang your ass and then feed you to the pigs.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Two Big Lies in his opening sentence! Good, but not a record.

      Spray paint an overpass and get hanged and fed to the hogs. This is America?

      • Brother John says:

        The number we were given in 2005 when Bush finked on his voters was 11 million illegal aliens in the USA. If you believed that then, you’re a fucking idiot.

        It’s entirely possible that 15-25% of those in the USA today don’t legally belong here.

        I’d be interested in your estimate, but I know already it’s going to be bullshit.

        And since you asked, yes — if you are in the USA illegally and snatch a purse or throw a cigarette out the window, then off you go. We have every right to demand visitors on their best behavior, and we should be employing the most extreme deterrent measures to ensure they are not here, and if they are, do not trouble Americans during their stay.

        Somehow, though, you’re more interested in their welfare than in that of Americans, because ORANGE MAN BAD. Idiot.

  3. JimS says:

    I’d extend the victims list to include anyone here legally. Basically, attack anyone and get the boot.

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