Climate (cult) Grief Is Linked To Greed And Power Or Something

And every time some Warmist says “this is 100% about the science (insert Dean scream here)” I run across something like this

Complex grief of climate change
Sara Gurulé shares her grief of climate change and how the systems of greed and power have affected the places she calls “home.”

You really could just stop there. It’s obvious this is political. It’s sociology. It’s not science

Sara Gurulé (she/her) is a constituent engagement representative for Mennonite Mission Network, MC USA’s mission agency. Sara is passionate about liberation and justice movements that are intersectional, with one such area being environmental justice. She is a graduate of Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary and Fresno Pacific University, receiving an Master of Art in theology and peace studies with an environmental concentration and a Bachelor of Arts in biblical and religious studies with a minor in environmental studies, respectively.

Should I stop after that? Yet another crazy Warmist advocate

I grew up in the high desert region of central New Mexico, as well as the southern Central Valley area of California. Whenever I write on the topic of climate, I find it to be a grounding practice to name the lands that raised me. The Sandia Mountains and the Sierra Nevada Mountains witnessed my birth and growth; the warm clay, the junipers, the pines, the desert wildflowers and all the creatures of the desert — these became teachers to me. And these are only the beginning of my kin! Even though I now live among the lush greenery of eastern Pennsylvania, I have grown up seeing the effects of climate change on many parts of the places that I call home. Specifically, I have witnessed annual precipitation that has led to the subsequent loss of ecological diversity and resilience against things like wildfires, disease, erosion and infestation, in addition to monsoon seasons getting shorter, less snow on the mountain peaks and mass tree death …

So, weather? Natural processes of the Earth? Things change.

I mention these as elements of the complex grief that I experience around climate change. A lot of these elements are visible phenomena that are springing from much deeper issues, which have been brought about by climate change. It wasn’t until I was in college that I began learning about how accelerated global warming has become, particularly over the last 100 years or so.

Cool, indoctrination.

The effect on my worldview and faith — at the time — were catastrophic; it took years — and counting! — to reconstruct how I understand the world around me, as well as what my purpose looks like in deeper relation with all of my kinship. From college onward, I have learned how climate change is directly tied to how empires extract and exploit resources and human lives to build wealth for the privileged few. I have learned how violence, oppression and religion have been used against the least of these, in order to assert control and domination over people, the land and all therein. I heard the stories of people who have had to flee political violence, economic despair, natural disasters and the like; within each of those stories, the land was a central component. The already complex climate grief I was witnessing deepened and complexified further, as I learned that climate change is directly interconnected to social justice efforts around the world.


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  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    William Teach attacks the Mennonites (Christians, but not his Christians).

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