Climate Scam Groups Unhappy With Climate Bill, AKA Inflation Reduction Act

More proof the act isn’t about reducing inflation

The Democrats’ climate deal also has plenty for oil producers to like

st greta carThe recently announced Inflation Reduction Act has been celebrated as Congress’s biggest investment in fighting climate change, but the 725-page bill also has benefits for the fossil fuel industry.

While the bill’s centerpiece is about $385 billion towards funding climate change efforts, the sprawling legislation also includes “bits” for the fossil fuel industry, as economist Douglas Holtz-Eakin put it to Yahoo Finance. Those bits include provisions that may spur greater oil production, open new areas to drilling, and incentivize “carbon capture” technology.

The bill does come with new taxes on the industry, but this latest effort is indisputably friendlier to fossil fuel producers than last year’s stalled “Build Back Better” effort. Exxon (XOM) Darren Woods has told investors the bill was a “step in the right direction,” and others in the industry have also praised the bill.

It has definitely made unhinged climate scam groups unhappy

Manchin says his deal includes a future Senate vote on a more widespread permitting reform bill, which the oil industry has long been calling for. That bill, details of which are scarce, could open more areas for drilling and also spur the building of more natural gas pipelines.

To be sure, most climate activists have celebrated the measure and the billions put aside for green energy. Still, some have focused on the Manchin-led provisions, calling them a giveaway.

“This bill is more of a climate scam bill than a climate change bill,” a group called said.

Does Bill realize that the Biden admin will pretty much allow none of the oil and nuclear provisions to come to fruition? How about the oil companies? Do they think they will get any benefit?

Still, Josiah Neeley, a senior energy fellow at the “limited government” think tank R Street Institute, notes that drilling rights can often change dramatically from administration to administration. These rules changes could have the benefit of leading to more “stability and predictability” in the coming years, he said.

There is that. A Republican wins the White House in 2024 and all those pro-oil and nuclear provisions could be enacted.

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2 Responses to “Climate Scam Groups Unhappy With Climate Bill, AKA Inflation Reduction Act”

  1. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    Gotta luv the nudemocrat party. Perverts, trans wackos, killers, dope addicts, grifters, child molesters, fag, lezzies and this:

    After botching an assassination attempt on Brett Kavanaugh, who incurred his ire by not pretending there is a constitutional right to abortion, Nicholas Roske is a cinch to get off with the insanity defense à la John Hinckley. He is so nuts, he thinks he is a girl:

    Court documents show that Roske identifies as a male to transgender female called Sophie. …

    The would-be assassin also revealed that he was uncomfortable around other men.

    In other words, Roske was a leftist loser who sought refuge within the degenerate, messed up world of transgenderism while simultaneously seeking to atone for his pathetic existence by carrying out extreme political violence.

    Ever wonder who the hell would vote for what the Democratic Party has become? Roske could be the quintessential example.

    On a tip from Dennis G.

    By Dave Blount

  2. Doom and Gloom says:

    and incentivize “carbon capture” technology

    Just imagine if the the USA was allowed to use carbon Capture techniques on the Co2 produced from all coal and gas fired electric plants as well as putting these in place in large industrial facilities around the nation.

    Why that would mean the USA would reduce its carbon foot print nearly in half exceeding the goals and giving the Climate NAZI’S nothing to scream about.

    But that is not what AGW is all about. Carbon Capture has been around for quite some time it is just not lucrative for anyone to invest in it. But the government could mandate it and pay for it by spending about 150 billion dollars in about 10 years or 15 billion per year(A mere Drop in the Budget Bucket)to provide the funds necessary to Capture Carbon and end the threat.


    Why? We all know why. The climate Nazis must continue their march for their CCP benefactors and congress who is getting millions and millions shoved in their pockets annually by China will not let them DO ANYTHING that would ACTUALLY ASSUAGE THE ANGST of the CLIMATE NAZI”S.

    You know. Can’t let a good crisis go to waste says Chairman XI….AKA SAUL ALINSKY.

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