Kansas To Vote On Stripping “Abortion Protections” From Constitution Today

It’ll be interesting to watch the outcome in a state that went 56% Trump and 41% Biden, which has two Republican senators, three GOP representatives, and 1 Democrat representative. Take out 5 counties, and mostly just 2 (Douglas and Wyandotte, with the cities of Lawrence and Kansas City), and it’s a deep GOP state

Kansas voters to decide abortion rights in 1st test since Roe v. Wade repeal

Kansas on Tuesday will become the first state to vote on the legality of abortion since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June.

Voters will not have the option of banning the procedure outright, however. Instead, they’ll vote on a GOP-sponsored initiative known as Amendment 2, which would strip abortion protections from the state constitution. But should a majority of voters support the measure, the Republican-controlled state Legislature is expected to move quickly to restrict or prohibit the procedure.

The initiative is an attempt to overturn a 2019 decision by the Kansas Supreme Court, which ruled 6-1 that the state constitution “enables a woman to make decisions regarding her body, health, family formation, and family life, including the decision whether to continue a pregnancy.”

Due in large part to that decision, Kansas continues to ensure abortion rights despite the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in late June that access to the procedure is not protected by the federal Constitution. Republican-controlled states bordering Kansas, such as Oklahoma and Missouri, now have near-total bans in place.

“Despite”? No, because the SCOTUS ruling put all the decisions in the hands of the states, as the ruling essentially said it wasn’t  in the federal Constitution

Political observers from across the country will be paying close attention to how Kansas votes on the issue. Polls show that most Americans want abortion to be legal, and Democrats hope the issue will motivate voters to support their candidates this November.

Legal, perhaps, but, limited. Start mentioning things like late term abortion, taking children across state lines, restricting parental notification, and others, and that support drops quickly. If the GOP was smart, not something we can always count on, they would have been talking about a ban after 15 weeks, with exceptions for rape, incest, and to save the mother’s life (requiring the consent of two doctors). Not a total ban.

Kansans for Constitutional Freedom, an organization opposing the initiative, is running ads noting that the state already has a number of abortion restrictions and warning that the Republican supermajority in the state Legislature may try to ban the procedure outright, including in cases of rape or incest, if the measure succeeds.

Oh, that group doesn’t want constitutional freedom, they’re happy to push for restrictions on many, many other things, they just want unfettered abortion. They call themselves bipartisan, but, most of their money came from Planned Parenthood (why do they get federal funds again?), the ACLU, the very far left Sixteen Thirty Fund, and other far left groups from outside the state.

Now, we’ll wait for the results tonight.

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10 Responses to “Kansas To Vote On Stripping “Abortion Protections” From Constitution Today”

  1. The Liberal but not libertarian Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Mx Teach, without a touch of self-awareness, types: Take out 5 counties, and mostly just 2 (Douglas and Wyandotte, with the cities of Lawrence and Kansas City), and it’s a deep GOP state.

    Like most anti-democracy totalitarian-wannabes, Mx Teach believes acres, not voters should determine elections. Howsabout count rural votes as 1 vote, and urban votes as 3/5th of a vote?

    Missouri has the equivalent of 115 counties, of which only a few have a Dem majority. So why not just count each county as a vote, so that GOPhers would win Missouri 110-5 every statewide election!?!

  2. The catholic but not Catholic Elwood P. Dowd says:

    What?? OMG, Mx Teach supports baby murder!! Yet, his hapless readers don’t attack him.

    Mx Teach: If the GOP was smart… they would have… a ban after 15 weeks, with exceptions for rape, incest, and to save the mother’s life (requiring the consent of two doctors).

    Of course, that is essentially Roe v Wade. Over 90% of abortions are performed by 13 weeks anyway.

    Mx Teach supports murdering 900,000 babies a year! Let him have it!! Unless you are hypocrites.

    It does sound like he supports banning parents from taking their raped 10 year old daughter to another state for an abortion.

    There is no such thing as “unfettered” abortion, or “chasing” babies around the clinic to kill them. These are lies from the right because they know that the majority of Americans support early abortions and to protect the health of the woman.

    The reactionary right has bitten off a bit too much this time and will pay a steep price.

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Although Kansas is a “deep GOP state” Kansans, not the land, rejected the constitutional amendment that would have stripped a right to abortion.

    How did that happen?

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      “How did that happen?”

      It’s called democracy and federalism you dumbfuck. That’s what we wanted all along. The rule of law. Not made up bullshit from a court.

      It amazes me that you seem surprised that when people are actually given their freedom they may vote the way you want in a place you don’t live not affecting you one iota. Keep that outlook when a state votes a way you don’t think they should because you know better.

      Now the question really is, did election cheating play a part. Since we can no longer trust the left to hold free and fair elections this is now a problem. Just as there are two levels of justice (one for thee and one for we) there seems to be a willful ignorance of election fraud. Let’s see how November turns out.

      I bet they’re already printing ballots in democrat areas.

      FJB and Pelosi

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:


        Do you really believe that the dems rigged the abortion vote in Kansas? LOL.

        Of course you do.

        The GOP legislature surely supports banning abortion but “the people” resoundingly said yes to abortion (59% to 41%). Doesn’t that indicate a problem with our system of “electing” state legislatures?

        The result of this vote is good news for the women of Missouri, though. Our two population centers, Kansas City and St. Louis, are bordered by abortion progressive states, Kansas and Illinois, respectively.

        That said, it’s been Missouri’s experience that our reactionary, minority legislature will often overrule the will of the people. Last year “the people” overwhelmingly passed Medicaid expansion but the GOP legislature here just said, “nope”.

        GOPhers in Jefferson City, MO are already working on ways to keep Missouri women from going out of state for care. The odious christian cunservative Rep Mary Elizabeth Coleman (R-USSR), recently outed for cheating with the former christian cunservative speaker here, introduced an amendment to several bills allowing private citizens to sue any who “aid and abet” any woman traveling out of state for an abortion, similar to Nazi Texas’s new law.

        State by state, Republicans have taken over legislatures and cemented their control.

        Mx Teach feels that the Kansas counties surrounding Topeka, Lawrence, Wichita, Manhattan should not count. He feels rolling hills are more valuable than citizens.

        Anyway, no one will force the women of sparsely settled Kansas to abort.

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Based on the Kansas result would the resident cunservatives support each state putting abortion to a statewide referendum, that is, the ultimate in democracy.

    Imagine Texas voting, LOL. Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Austin votes counting just as much as those from Lubbock. LOL.

    This is why cunservatives HATE democracy. They’ve grown accustomed to their votes counting more than other votes.

    State by state, Republicans have taken over legislatures and cemented their control.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Pretty sure that everyone here chuckles when Rimjob keeps stepping on his dick with his own specious arguments.

      Bwaha! Lolgf https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

  5. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    If the reactionaries cannot ban abortion in vividly cerise Kansas, how will they ban it?

    The GOP MUST win the House, Senate and White House!! They know this Supreme Court will give them carte blanche and they can pass a nationwide abortion ban.

    Banning abortion is the sine qua non of the reactionary movement.

    The right-wing is a minority in the US but have systematically stolen power from “the people” state by state.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      You really have no concept of anything outside your little realm of leftist propaganda, do you?

      When you puke out a stupid narrow minded asshole statement like “If the reactionaries cannot ban abortion in vividly cerise Kansas, how will they ban it?” you really show the depths of your stubborn tunnel vision.

      We are NOT leftists. We do not gather around the farthest most point and worship it. Few of us on the right are reactionaries” (especially since YOU are the ones reacting, not us). We are not trying to ban abortion although you “kill every baby freaks” keep saying we are. Actually we do realize there are sad circumstances that may require the termination of an unborn human life unlike you who want to mass murder American babies just for the fun of it and any reason will do even birth control.

      You are ghouls. We support life where it can be saved. But when it can’t be we understand the sadness of death. You celebrate the act of murder.

      We don’t need to stop all abortions. Only the unnecessary ones. How about you? Do you believe murdering one’s baby because she’s “inconvenient” is a sign of an advanced civilization? Or is it closer to a Mengele type of syatem?


      • Elwood P. Dowd says:


        We don’t need to stop all abortions. Only the unnecessary ones

        Just 99% need to be stopped?

        And white cunservative males should determine necessary vs unnecessary?

        At least two commenters here support banning all abortions, including for raped ten year olds, arguing that the zygote has the same rights as an actual child.

        If you don’t understand that a faction of the right wants to ban ALL abortions you are not paying attention.

        Mississippi bans all abortions except when continuing the pregnancy puts the person’s life at risk or if the pregnancy is the result of a rape which a formal charge is filed with the police. Under the law, anyone except the pregnant person who tries to perform and induce an abortion in cases where pregnancy does not pose a threat to the mother or was the result of a rape could face up to 10 years in prison.

        Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signed a bill into law earlier this week that bans abortion after six weeks, which is typically before a woman knows she is pregnant. Under the bill, abortions are punishable by up to 10 years in prison unless they are done to save the life of the mother.

        The Texas statute would essentially prohibit all abortions except when the pregnancy (1) places the mother at risk of death or (2) poses a serious risk of substantially impairing a major bodily function. 99 years in prison, too.

        In Idaho The trigger law prohibits abortion in nearly all cases. While there is an exception for rape and incest, the law requires victims to file a police report and provide that report to a medical provider. (most 10 year old girls might not do that, and most doctors wouldn’t risk going to jail).

        Medical providers could be convicted of a felony and face up to five years in prison if they violate this law. This law was passed in March 2020 and would go into effect Aug.

        In Arkansas abortions are banned unless needed to save the life of the mother. Anyone who performs an abortion could face up to 10 years in prison and a $100,000 fine, under the law.

        Mx Teach advocates banning abortions after 15 weeks gestation, with exceptions for rape, incest and life of the woman. What do you think?

        93% of abortions are performed by 13 weeks gestation, 1% in the third trimester.

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